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7 Top Tips to Boost Your Kerb Appeal

We all know first impressions count, and it turns out that’s true with houses too. 68% of home buyers think kerb appeal is important when buying a home, so if you’re thinking of selling, here are some tips on improving the look and feel of your home’s exterior, without breaking the bank.

Paint your front door

American property tycoon Barbara Corcoran has argued that buyers decide to purchase a home in the first eight seconds of a viewing. With such little time to make a good impression, we suggest starting your exterior refresh with the front door. Viewers will be drawn colour so choose wisely, and pick something that speaks to the style of your home. With so many options it’s hard to know which colour to pick – do you keep it simple and traditional or mix it up? 

The top choices for 2020 include Deep Red (ideal for both light and white home exterior schemes) Racing Car Green (best suited to red or salmon/peachy bricks or any neutral background) alongside the less traditional Jewellery Box Blue, a vivid turquoise well suited to with homes with natural brick, stone or stucco.

Your front door makes a statement about your whole property, so try to choose something that truly reflects the interior design in your home. A seasonal wreath gives you further opportunity to express your personal style. 

Hide your bins

36% of adults surveyed said that seeing wheelie bins outside a home they are viewing puts them off the property.

Of course, every home needs bins, but by adding supplementary storage you can hide your bins away and make a property look neater and better looked after. Try a wooden wheelie bin chest to hide away those ugly plastic bins while still allowing easy access. You can also find options for recycling boxes and bins. 

Replace old hardware

If you’ve taken the time to paint your door, it’s well worth going the extra step and replacing old hardware. Dated and rusty door numbers, knockers, and wall-mounted mailboxes can all lessen down the appeal of your home. Don’t underestimate the impact of swapping out these pieces for something fresh and modern. It can be transformative and only takes a few minutes and costs a few pounds. 

These different elements tend to have the most appeal when they function collectively, rather than an assortment of mix-and-match pieces. 

Shutter appeal

Plantation shutters add instant kerb appeal to your property – they look neat and tidy from the outside of the property and bring a level of sophistication to the appearance of your home. Estate agents will use your shutters as a selling point as they add value to your property and tick a lot of homebuyers boxes. 

If you only can afford to install shutters on one side of your home, make it the front rooms. You’ll then not only reap the benefits of privacy at the front of your property, but it will also ensure your house really stands out from the crowd. 

Light it up

If your outdoor lighting consists of cobwebbed brass sconces then now is the time for an upgrade. Refreshing and painting your existing fixtures, or buying a new modern design will give your entrance real pizazz. Those with red brick homes could consider heading to a vintage shop or eBay to find ornate lights that will work wonderfully against the rusty colour of the brickwork. 

Lighting is a priority for a lot of homeowners as it also provides safety and security- both for the homeowners when arriving home in the dark, and to protect against burglars. 

There’s a lot of fun to be had with outdoor lighting. Uplighting will add real depth to your lighting scheme – just angle a spotlight toward the canopy of a tree. Alternatively give moonlighting a try by placing fixtures in trees so they shine down on the pathway and lawn for a soft, natural glow.

If you don’t have the option of using lighting that requires wiring then don’t worry, there are plenty of solar fixtures available that are eco friendly and won’t cost you a penny to run.

Get planting

Plants bring life into any space, and even if you don’t have any green space at the front of your home, some well-chosen potted plants could be transformative. 

Look into purchasing varying heights of annuals or perennials and group them together either side of your walkway. Uniformity works for some homes, but in most cases mixing up the plants and having slightly different arrangements on each side looks much more natural and inviting. 

If you have hedges, give them some love by pruning them when needed. Talk to your local garden centre expert or search online for advice on how to maintain your plants. 

Get the pressure washer out

A simple and satisfying way to spruce up your front porch is to pressure wash your driveways, walkways, patios, and decks. 

You may not even notice the grime and mould covering these areas, but a quick go with the power washer will show you just how much build up there has been over time, as well as removing unsightly moss and fixing dangerous slippy areas. 

If you don’t own a power washer you can hire one at a low cost, and it’s certainly money well spent. Choose pressure washer accessories designed for paving to speed this task up and avoid splashes.

If you’ve got a smaller space, such as a doorstep, a scrubbing brush, and warm water will also do the job. Whichever option you choose be sure to use a detergent specially designed for outdoor paving. This will not only help get the surface clean but it will also prevent mould growth. 

Whether you are selling or just want to make your property look beautiful, we hope these 7 tips give you some inspiration for creating the perfect kerb-side impression of your home.

15 Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms can send even the most seasoned homeowners into despair. Juggling the needs of the space whilst trying to neatly store your items can feel like an impossible task – you need to make space for storage, but anything you do makes the room feel cramped, busy and even smaller

Luckily, there is a myriad of inspired options that can help your small bedroom work hard for you, all you need is a little creative thinking.

Our comprehensive guide to small bedroom storage covers everything from DIY projects you can try this weekend, to some of Kingswood at Home’s finest innovations. So whether you’re on a budget, on the move or on your last legs – we are here to help!

Use the bed wisely

Beds undoubtedly take up the most space in small bedrooms, so this is a logical place to start. Thankfully there are countless ways to take advantage of all that dead space around your bed, from affordable under bed baskets or vacuum bags to bed designs with integrated storage. Store bulky items like bedding, pillows and duvets beneath the bed, out of sight and out the way.

Double up

For the most efficient use of space, look for bedroom furniture that serves a number of different purposes. For instance, investing in a desk that also functions as a bedside table will save you space and money as you only have to buy one piece! 

Ditch your laundry basket

Laundry baskets and hampers take up precious real estate in small bedrooms, so why not try elevating it from the floor to free up some space? Replace your bulky basket with a laundry bag that can neatly hang on the back of your door or inside your wardrobe. 

Try a wall-mounted desk

Having a dedicated space for working is crucial for your productivity, so if you also need your small bedroom to function as an office space then floating desks are a great option. You can find options that fit in unused corners, and others that fold up and out of the way for when you are not working. Check out our Home Office range for some great desks that compliment your bedroom even if space is limited.

Think up!

No space is more unused than the 12 inches of wall below your ceiling, so why not put that space to work by installing shelves along the perimeter? This can add loads of extra space for books and will draw the eye up, giving the illusion of extra height in the room.

Put the kettle on

Pull out tea trays are a standard on all of our bedside units. These sturdy, slide-out trays instantly provide you with extra space for your morning cuppa or nighttime cocoa. When you’re done, just slide the tray back in for the ultimate space-saving invention. 

Get crafty with a pegboard organiser

Pegboards are a fantastically versatile option in interior design, and they work especially well in small spaces. With a little paint and a few screws, you can hang pegboards anywhere to store just about anything. Customise your board with baskets, rods, and hooks.

Fitted wardrobes

The smartest move you can make in your small bedroom is to invest in customised, fitted wardrobes that efficiently use every nook and cranny in a practical way. At Kingswood at Home, we know that bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes – often with distinguishing features, so we work with the room’s features to realise its true potential. Find out more here.

Hack your shelves

If you are the creative type, then why not try repurposing simple wooden storage boxes or dresser drawers to create unique wall storage? Mount the drawers onto the wall to create the perfect storage for books, vases and décor. This open shelving not only looks great and saves space, but it’s also an affordable option if your budget is tight.

Add risers to your bed

If you don’t have storage space beneath your bed, fear not – you can achieve it by putting your bed on risers. These hoof-like pieces will lift your bed up giving you more hidden storage space, and some even have power outlets installed so you can charge your phone or laptop without reams of cables running across your bedroom. 

Try a slide-out shoe rack

Shoes are one of the most onerous items to store. Luckily, our soft-close slide out shoe racks make storing and accessing your footwear a breeze. Integrating seamlessly into our fitted wardrobe designs, our shoe racks will mean you’ll never trip over those piles of shoes at the door again.

Rethink what belongs in the bedroom

You might be struggling for storage space because you are simply trying to store too much in your small bedroom. A seasonal clothes audit is helpful for clearing space throughout the year – there’s no point using up valuable real estate on bulky jumpers in the middle of July. 

Use floating shelves as a bedside table

If your bed is squeezed into your bedroom with barely an inch either side, then you may think you don’t have room for a bedside table. Well, think again. Why not turn some floating shelves into bedside storage? This is a really affordable and easy DIY project, just use reclaimed wooden planks and find some stylish shelf brackets. 

Sliding doors

Standard door designs need plenty of room to open and close (something small bedrooms are obviously lacking) so sliding doors can be a space-saving blessing in smaller bedrooms. Versatile and elegantly simple, our sliding door wardrobes are built to the highest standards from the top quality finish to the smooth running of the sliding doors and the clever soft-close mechanisms. A must for small bedrooms, especially when fitted with mirrored doors to give the illusion of more space.

Don’t forget out of sight spaces

A closed drawer is an invitation to clutter. To avoid cramming drawers full to bursting set up an organising system that sorts items by type. Vintage dishes and trays can act as simple drawer dividers to keep beauty products and jewellery organised.

Remember, there are so many smart storage solutions out there for your small bedroom, it’s all about creative thinking and ingenious designs. If you’d like the help of our expert team here at Kingswood at Home, just get in touch.

Seven ways to make the most of your period homes features

If you are lucky enough to own a period home, you might be wondering what the best approach is when it comes to decor and renovation. Should you embrace the traditional features and the quirks that come with them, or reimagine your home for the 21st Century? Well, wonder no more, as we’ve assembled our top tips for making the most of your period home.

  1. Retain and celebrate original features

The greatest factor in any heritage home lies in its character and historic interest. If you live in a period property hopefully you feel the same, and want to let the architectural features in your home take centre stage. These details are part of the huge appeal of older homes and we think the best design schemes are built around original features. 

Whether it’s ornate gable trim or stained glass windows, restoring and celebrating these features will not only bring period charm to your home but are also likely to add value. Research has shown that areas with a high density of older buildings have property values up to 50% higher than average, so the focus of any project on a period home should be to protect and enhance its character.

If you are doing renovation works, consider how you can reuse original features to maintain an element of history in the design. This will not only save you money but also preserve the building’s historic features. 

  1. Marry old and new 

Many homeowners worry about creating an awkward juxtaposition furnishing their period property with contemporary fixtures, but by selecting the right styles and pieces you can achieve perfect harmony. Opt for contemporary furniture with subtle echoes of the past in the detailing – deep buttoning in upholstery or a canopy bed frame will speak to the history of your home without looking out of place. 

Embrace the original features of the property and take them as inspiration for your interior scheme – why not try using contemporary fabrics to breathe new life into your living spaces?

Of course, the way we live today is very different from the way the original residents of period properties lived, but this doesn’t mean you can’t maintain the character of your property. Modern life requires easy access to electricity, so factor this into your design and consult with an electrician early on if you are doing renovations. Underfloor heating beneath a traditional floor really offers the best of both worlds by providing modern comfort without jeopardising a traditional aesthetic. 

  • Work with your windows

Windows in period properties are usually made out of wood, which can rot over time. If you find that they need replacing, it is always worth checking whether they can be repaired first to retain the heritage of the building and reduce costs. 

If you have no choice but to replace your windows, make sure the new designs are in keeping with the style of your home. Plastic frames will save you money but ultimately cost you, as they will undoubtedly lower the value of your period property. 

Saying this, when it comes to windows you would be forgiven for straying from one original feature – single glazing! Double glazing may not be true to tradition but it will make your property more energy-efficient and will add value to your home. 

  • Make your period home energy efficient

If you’re already making energy-conscious choices with your windows, it’s worth thinking about what else can help save the planet and save you money. 

Monitoring your energy use is the first step to take here, and thanks to a requirement to offer homeowners a smart meter by 2020, most homeowners will be set up with one this year.

One of the most prevalent issues in old houses is airtightness. If your home is heated to a reasonable temperature but still feels chilly, you might consider commissioning a test to see how ‘leaky’ your home is.

Old floorboards are a huge culprit for poor airtightness. Simply laying a large rug can help here, but if you have the budget to fill the gaps in your floor you are likely to save up to £40 per room, per year.

According to Energy.Gov, about 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows. Shutters provide an excellent way to improve energy efficiency in your period home; they can reduce heat loss through a window by more than 50%. They are excellent insulators and trap the cold air between your shutter and the window, stopping it from reaching your cosy period home. Why not take a look at our vast selection of designs?

  • Focus on floors

Although those beautiful and traditional floorboards may be giving you the chills, there are many ways to keep the original flooring in your period property. As we’ve suggested, try underfloor heating or filling the gaps to keep the heat in. During your floor refurb, you might like to channel wealthy Victorian homeowners and consider introducing a beautifully designed border to your floor. A pattern around the edge is a great finishing touch, it can be added for little cost and will also add value to your period property. Maintain your floor with a simple polish to keep the quality and aesthetic.  

Wooden floorboards are not the only period feature you’ll find in historic homes, many older floors would have originally been tiled with decorative, geometric designs. Some properties may still have the original tiles hidden underneath the current flooring, so be sure to take a look and you might find some hidden gems. 

  • Don’t forget the front door

Just as traditional-style windows can add value to your home, the right front door can work wonders in improving your curb appeal whilst maintaining a traditional charm. 

It’s easy to pay homage to your period property with the right front door. An antique wooden door with features like a large knocking handle will add appeal and character to your home. Make sure the door is draught-proof, has secure locks and is freshly painted, polished and treated. Why not look at local flea markets to find unique, traditional door numbers and doorknobs?

  • Keep things cosy

Nothing says period home quite like a cast iron fireplace. Even if it’s not in use, having an original fireplace increases your property’s value and is a fitting tribute to the tradition of the place. 

Over the years many properties have had their original fireplaces updated. In fact, many were boarded up in the 1960s and replaced with electric fires. It can be a lot of work but restoring the original piece is worthwhile, and there’s nothing like having a cosy fire burning in an ornate and unique fireplace that reflects the property’s history. 

If your period home doesn’t have a fireplace, fear not, as cast iron radiators are a great alternative. Adding both character write papers and value to your property you can find a number of designs that will speak to the heritage of your home.  

Hopefully, these tips have inspired you to cherish the original features in your period home whilst adapting it to work for your family in 2020. Remember, Kingswood at Home specialise in traditional blinds, shutters and fitted furniture, expertly crafted and designed to complement your home, whether it was built in the 1800s or 1980!

Home Decor Trends – The Key Colours for 2020

Whether it’s a bold accent wall or an unexpected painted ceiling, you can transform almost any room in your home with the simple addition of colour. So, as we welcome the new year, why not embrace the trending colours of 2020 and take the opportunity to give your home a new look for the new decade.

Finding the right colour for your home can be tricky, so we have assembled the key colours for the year as recommended by colour experts and top designers. Look out for rustic, earthy tones as Burnt Orange and Clay take centre stage, or try out the bloggers favourite Neo Mint for a pop of crisp, bright colour. Neutral tastes are catered for with Champagne, a chic tone perfect for pairing with metallics and if you’re a Pantone fanatic, then their 2020 winner Classic Blue could be for you. The traditional choice was described by the colour company as “a reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence and connection”.

Neo Mint

According to trend forecasters WGSN, neo mint will be the colour of spring/summer 2020. Colours that speak to the future are one of this year’s hot trends, and Neo Mint embodies a forward-thinking mood and an almost utopian optimism. The clean, pure tone sounds pretty appealing if you want to create a fresh, optimistic mood in your home, and Pinterest is awash with neo-mint home inspiration so be sure to bookmark the term to keep on top of one of the hottest colour trends of the year.

Tranquil Dawn

Inspired by the morning sky, this was the winner of Dulux’s Colour of the Year. The grey-based washed green hue is said to reflect the ‘nation’s mood on the approach of a new decade’. The soft, fluid shade is said to provide calm and clarity and works well used to decorate an entire room, or paired with one of 2020’s other champions Blush.


Maybe you still can’t stand the thought of it after New Year’s Eve, but it turns out that champagne is one of the hot colours for this year! Although it falls in the beige bracket (along with tan, taupe, nude and stone) Champagne is anything but boring. Straddling the recent trends of grey and beige, champagne offers the best of both worlds – providing a neutral base but with a little added sparkle. The warmer sandy undertones you find in this shade set a relaxed tone of understated elegance, and create the perfect playground for you to introduce bold textures and materials to add interest to your room. Plus, it was one of the hot shades at Milan Design Week last year.

A Sea of Blue 

Pantone chose the inoffensive Classic Blue (above) as their Colour of 2020. The announcement received a mixed response, some slating the company for playing it safe with one of the Western world’s favourite colours, and others applauding the choice which is already trending across fashion, textiles and interior design. 

The American paint conglomerate PPG also recognised a blue shade as their colour of 2020. A blend of cobalt blue and ink, Chinese Porcelain has a classier tone and would work splendidly as an accent wall. Navy blue is also a trending tone, and got a nod from American paint company Sherwin-Williams as their colour of the year. Their shade Naval is reminiscent of the dark night sky and would evoke a feeling of sophistication and class in any room.


Ever since ‘millennial pink’ started dominating Pinterest in 2016 the colour has become an interior phenomenon. Blush will keep the pink fans happy this year due to its versatility. Mixing nicely with neutral tones such as Tranquil Dawn as well as warmer jewel tones, it brings a contemporary chic feel to any room. First Light won paint company Benjamin Moore’s gong for colour of 2020, offering a refreshing alternative to white or beige. We think it works fabulously in kitchens and does a good job of giving smaller rooms the illusion of space and light.

Burnt Orange

Rust shades have always been popular in Mediterranean designs, and now they are set to dominate the interiors world – so long as they are used in moderation. Introducing this bold shade on your front door or in a guest bathroom is less confronting than going all out in your dining room. Consider adding burnt orange accessories into your home for a feeling of warmth. Velvet cushions or long luscious curtains can work beautifully in this smoky shade of copper-red.


Warm putty paint colours will be everywhere this year. Tones inspired by earthenware and aged plaster speak to the desert tones trend that emerged in 2019. These organic colours warm up living rooms and cosy spaces, but also work surprisingly well in bathrooms, particularly in two-tone light and dark combinations. Accessorizing with brass finishes will bring even more life and warmth to the room.

If you’re excited to update your home this year, then a colour wheel can help show you how various shades complement each other. It’s also a great idea to start with test pots before committing to a major repaint.

Whether you’re inspired by the elegant neutrals or rich, moody hues there is plenty of choice across 2020’s colour trends.

2019’s top Christmas home decor trends

Christmas is just around the corner, so now’s the time to get the decorations up and fill your home with that festive feeling. Whether you keep things traditional or lean into glitter and glitz, we hope you find some inspiration in our list of 14 show-stopping Christmas decor ideas.

Spruce up your staircase

Add a garland to your bannister and hang up Christmas cards from family and friends. Fairy lights woven up your stairs can create a soft warming glow and keep the festive vibe going up to the next floor of your home.

Bring the outdoors in

If your home suits a rustic aesthetic, then bring the outdoors in this winter with a natural holiday look. You don’t need to ditch the baubles, but try interspersing them with pine cones, twigs and bark-like textures for a contemporary and welcoming look. Soft-fur accents and fresh greenery compliment this trendy Scandi style.

Start with the front door

Up your curbside appeal with a decorated front door; try a pine cone garland and candle lanterns to create a welcoming first impression or consider some mini (on-trend) Christmas trees to sit either side of your door. A contemporary wire wreath with silver accents will bring contemporary glam to your home.

DIY candles

Head to the garden or forage locally for sprigs of pine. Place them in skinny-necked, water-filled bottles and top with tall candles for an on-trend and classy arrangement. Use to decorate your Christmas table or place on your mantelpiece.

Don’t forget the kitchen

Christmas decorations shouldn’t be relegated to the living room. Deck out your kitchen with garlands and adorn your cupboard doors with wreaths. You can even swap out your dishware with festive bowls and plates to really fill the place with Christmas spirit.

Mini Christmas trees

Mini trees made an appearance last year and are set to be everywhere this Christmas. Ideal for a smaller flat or to bring a festive feel to every room of your home, these little trees can be replanted come the new year so offer an eco-friendly option for your decor scheme.

Don’t rule out artificial trees

You can find excellent, high-quality artificial Christmas trees these days, so embrace them if you hate the mess of a traditional tree. Many artificial trees are designed to better hold ornaments and baubles with their wire branches too. If you crave that pine scent though, a few scented candles should do the job!

Use citrus

Citrus decoration is on trend this year and has the added bonus of making your home smell great. Make your own dried slices by baking low in the oven for a few hours, then string them up with cranberries or greenery for a natural, contemporary look, or add them to a wreath for a pop of colour.

Refashion vintage baubles

Look in second-hand shops for retro ornaments and baubles and give them a new lease of life this Christmas. Start with a basic Styrofoam wreath and cover in a festive ribbon to hide the base. Attach your vintage finds one by one, starting with the larger baubles and then adding the smaller decorations in the gaps for a truly unique item.

Play with colour

Reject tradition with bold, bright colours such as pink and metallic gold and silver. Embrace a festive refresh and introduce some brighter baubles, small colourful wire trees or pom-pom garlands, or go all out with a pink Christmas tree!

Shutter and window decor

Don’t forget your shutters when decorating this year. Decorating your shutters and windows has the benefit of making your home look fantastic inside and out, so it’s worth giving them some attention in your decorating efforts. Hang a wreath on your shutters or dress with garlands to bring them into your Christmas aesthetic, or try a large wreath of the outside of your window that will bring Christmas cheer to passers-by. Giant windows look amazing with large leafy garlands draped over them or get the kids involved in covering windows in delicate snowflake transfers.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Build a stunning mantel display but starting with large hanging snowflakes, and then hanging a large rustic garland. Dress with tall candlesticks and then add the finishing touches – ornaments and bottlebrush trees on the mantel will complete the look.

Bring cheer into your bedroom

Keep the festive spirit flowing into every room in your home by wrapping a garland around your headboard and swapping out pillows for festive alternatives. A small homage to a Christmas tree can work well in bedrooms – try gathering sticks in a vase and hanging them with delicate baubles for a modern finish.

Bulk buy candy canes

These pretty sweets are a great addition to your Christmas decor. Keep them out of kids and pets reach by hanging them along the top of your window or shutters. Use red or white ribbon to compliment the arrangement.

We hope you find some inspiration in these on-trend ideas and enjoy getting your home ready for the festive season!

7 home improvements that add value to your property

Maybe you need more space for your family – or you’re thinking about climbing a rung on the property ladder? When it comes to selling your home, you’ll undoubtedly be hoping that the value has increased since you bought it. Your house will undoubtedly be more attractive to buyers with some sprucing up and improvements – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Adding an extension will likely reap high rewards, but smaller changes can make a real difference too. We’ve listed some of the changes you can make to really make your property stand out.

Replace Old Windows

Double-glazing is now considered essential by many homebuyers, so it’s a worthy investment if your home is single glazed. Particularly important if the house is on a busy road, double glazing can stop those noisy roads decreasing your property’s value, as well as keeping the home warm and cosy. You may also consider adding in extra windows, which will not only make your home brighter but will make rooms feel larger too. Be sure to keep the design of the home in mind – sash windows work best in period properties.

Improve Energy Efficiency

When you put your home on the market, it will be examined for its energy efficiency and given an EPC rating (Energy Performance Certificate). The rating will help your prospective buyers understand if the house is built to modern standards, thereby allowing them to work out how much it’s likely to cost to heat.

Windows will help again here. Ensure all windows across the home are double glazed and thermal insulated sealed to reduce heat loss. You might also consider adding insulation, switching to energy-efficient light bulbs or upgrading your boiler to improve your EPC rating.

Convert Your Loft

One of the larger projects on our list, loft conversations can cost around £500/m2 – however, this is around half of what you’d pay for an extension of this size elsewhere in the home, and it can really add to the resale value of your house. Loft extensions are also considerably less of an expense than digging down into the basement. Being able to add another bedroom to the property can be a game-changer; they also function well as a second living room, a snug or for a little wow factor you could kit your loft out as a gym.

Increase Kerb Appeal

First impressions count – most buyers decide if they like a property before they even get into the house, and it’s hard to shake off wrong first impressions, even if the inside of your home is beautiful.

Try repainting walls or replacing old garage doors to improve the exterior appearance. You can also add window shutters – the only kind of window dressing that will actually add value to your home. With their visual appeal plantation shutters tick a lot of homebuyers boxes. If you only can afford to install them on one side of your home, make it the front rooms. You’ll then not only benefit from the benefits of privacy at the front of your property, but it will also ensure your house really stands out from the crowd.

Add a conservatory

Conservatories can add up to 10% value on your property, and it’s easy to see why. They connect the outdoors and indoors, creating an oasis of calm and tranquillity within the home. A conservatory will fill the house with natural light and warmth as well as increasing the square footage of your property. Conservatories are generally easier to get planning permission for than other extensions, so they are a great option if you are keen to increase the size and therefore the value of your home.

When adding your conservatory, factor in other elements that will add even more value to your home, such as lusted after bi-fold doors – a contemporary option that is in high demand from homebuyers.

Tidy up your garden

Gardens are a crucial and often overlooked element of making the sale to your buyers. Outdoor spaces have become a room in their own right, adding more options for entertaining, dining and play. Invest in some landscaping to make your outdoor space stand out and create zones within the space. A well-designed decking area will extend the buyers perception of the home’s size, and adding outdoor awning creates a stylish space for entertaining outdoors, whatever the weather!

Finishing Touches

Last but by no means least, if you’re hoping to sell your property, remember than a few small touches can go a long way.

Consider who your potential buyers are, and think about what they might want from the property. If it’s likely to attract young families consider turning a spare bedroom into a nursery or playroom. If your home is more likely to be of interest to young professionals, presenting a spare room as an office can help them envisage themselves living there.

Oh, and fresh air and fresh flowers still go a long way! Good luck, and don’t forget to check out our ranges of blinds, doors, windows and so much more when you start your home improvements.

How Bi-folding doors transform a home

There are some changes we can make to our homes that entirely reinvent the space – bi-folding doors are one of these miraculous renovations that just transform a room.

Often seen on Grand Designs and in glossy mags, bi-fold doors create epic open space, offering an unobscured view of your garden and letting natural light stream in. Pairing well with a conservatory or open plan kitchen, they provide flexible dining opportunities and truly complement landscaped gardens with decking or a patio. Their concertina style creates a stunning open space in your home.

Flexible Designs for your Family

Unlike conventional sliding patio doors, bi-fold doors fill an entire wall of your home and open fully to exquisitely merge your home and garden. Our designs offer up to 7 leafs, providing boundless options to suit your home, all set on runners making opening and closing them a breeze and completely safe, especially if you have children. A primary door that can be opened on its own allows total flexibility.

A Striking Feature

Connecting the exterior of your home to your garden provides a wall of light when open or closed creating an incredible feeling of spaciousness and height. Clean lines and maximum glass coverage are perfect for opening up smaller spaces or enjoying your garden year round. Hosting a party? Open the doors to extend your entertaining space, easily moving furniture between your garden and home. You might also consider installing a system with multiple sets of doors, optimising your vista and creating a striking feature, open or shut.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Bi-fold doors allow you to open or close an entire wall of your home – meaning you can integrate your living environments and become more energy efficient. In the height of summer, rather than turning on fans and AC just open the doors and let the breeze come through. The high quality aluminum doors also keep heat in during winter, insulating your home to the highest standard. Eco-conscious consumers will be pleased to know that aluminum doors are recyclable – in fact recycling aluminum only requires 5% of the energy used when producing it from raw materials.

Contemporary Finish

Bi-folding doors are a high-end, modern alternative to French doors that are perfect for contemporary living, adding both finesse and value to your home. Aluminum’s longevity will ensure that you’re making a sound investment, and your property will no doubt stand out on the market if you choose to sell.

No Security Compromises

Our robust aluminum designs are incredibly secure, making it the ideal choice for your home and family. All doors are fitted with high quality security features as standard.

If your sliding patio doors or French doors need an upgrade, then bi-folding doors are a fantastic, contemporary option to explore. Not to mention, our 25-year guarantee and new Interest Free Credit facility will provide you with complete peace of mind. Book an appointment today with our experienced and friendly team to hear more about our versatile and bespoke designs.

Kingswood at Home

Located in the heart of West Sussex, Kingswood at Home supply and install beautiful contemporary and traditional plantation shutters and blinds.

Thinking about timber sash or casement windows? Our trusted friends at The Wooden Sash Window Co would be happy to help!

The Wooden Sash Window Company

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Our shutters and blinds are tailor-made to your requirements. Round, hexagon or even triangular shaped windows? Not a problem. Download our brochure for more information.