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Custom Window Shutters

Offering a wide variety of stylish and practical internal shutters to provide shade and privacy to your home when you require it; fully tailored to your needs.

Explore Kingswood’s range of made-to-measure shutters. Boasting a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes there is no better place to create your own bespoke shutters. You can even book an appointment with us online today.

When it comes to shutters, we are the experts. From period-style tier-on-tier shutters, to continental café style shutters and contemporary solid shutters, Kingswood have a solution for every customer. Give rooms in your home a complete but simple makeover with our fully customisable range of shutters. Tracked shutters are a favourite with customers who want the option to transform a space, whereas tier-on-tier shutters give you the ability to control light and privacy. All of our shutters are bespoke and tailored to your specific needs.

authentic look

Full height shutters

The classic choice, fit either inside the window or on the edge of the sill. Add a divider rail or louvre split to control how much light or privacy you would like.

full height shutters
control light & privacy

Tier-on-tier shutters

Giving you height and versatility, having panels in two independent layers means you can have as much light and privacy as you want.

tier on tier shutters
Go continental

Café-style shutters

The only thing that can see in is the light with continental-style café shutters, as they only cover part of the window, making them perfect for darker rooms.

cafe style shutters
Transform windows

Tracked shutters

Operated on a track in front of the window or door, these shutters can be tucked discreetly away when not in use, to let in all the light and give ease of access.

tracked shutters
fit to almost any size or shape

Shaped shutters

Original or unusual architecture is no problem for shaped shutters, which are made bespoke to exactly fit your space and requirements.

shaped shutters
classic period styling

Solid shutters

Perfect for rooms you want to completely darken, solid wood shutters can also provide an extra layer of insulation.

solid shutters

Why choose us for shutters?

  • We offer free appointments to all our customers to discuss their shutter requirements
  • All of our shutters are made to measure and we can fit to unusual shaped windows
  • We can provide shutters for doors, glass roof spaces, and room partitions too
  • We have interest free payment options available

How does the Kingswood shutters service work?

Each and every one of our clients will receive bespoke shutters. Once you get in contact with our friendly team our designers and surveyors will work with you to decide upon every detail of your shutters. They will also discuss where and how they will be installed in your home and this will be dependent on the architectural features of your home and which style and opening of shutter you opt for. Our team are always available to answer any questions you have before and after your shutters have been fitted.

Get in contact with the Kingswood team today. Alternatively, book an appointment with is or request a brochure.

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