Space Saving Ideas for Your Loft Bedroom

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A loft conversion is a great way of creating an extra room in your home and making the most of space that might otherwise go to waste. Some people might be put off by a loft conversion because it can be a challenge to maximise space when dealing with low, sloped ceilings and awkward eaves.

However, with the right stylish solutions and space-saving ideas, you can make the most of your loft bedroom. Below are our favourite storage ideas for your loft conversion, to give you some inspiration.

Fitted wardrobes

Bespoke, made to measure fitted wardrobes are the ideal solution to maximise space in a loft bedroom. Kingswood at Home creates fitted wardrobes for all sorts of spaces, giving you exactly the storage you need for your clothes and lifestyle. Whereas freestanding wardrobes will leave wasted spaces, bespoke fitted wardrobes can be built into eaves and against sloped ceilings to make the most of every millimetre.

At Kingswood at Home, we have a huge range of styles and finishes available for your fitted wardrobes, so you can find a design that perfectly suits your taste and interior design preferences.

Sliding wardrobes

If your loft bedroom is quite small, every inch of space will be valuable. So, choosing a wardrobe with sliding doors will be much more efficient than a hinged one. Sliding doors mean you won’t need to leave as much space free between the wardrobe and other furniture, giving you more freedom to design a functional room.

Kingswood at Home’s sliding wardrobes can be tailored to fit any room, including for sloped and low ceilings. Available in a range of finishes to suit any interior, you can find the perfect sliding wardrobe for your loft bedroom with us.

Fitted chest of drawers

Bespoke storage solutions don’t have to stop at wardrobes. To maximise space in your loft bedroom, look for fitted chests to drawers too. Freestanding chests of drawers will mean space goes to waste, whereas a fitted chest of drawers will be designed to fit seamlessly into the space available.

At Kingswood at Home, we can design your fitted chest of drawers to fit into any space, including sloped eaves and low ceilings. Plus, you can combine your storage with wardrobes and chest of drawers created with perfectly matched finishes to suit your interiors.

Low-level units

Finding furniture to fit around sloped ceilings can be tricky. But with low-level units, you can ensure no space is wasted. Low-level units provide extra storage and can be designed to any style you like, whether you want trendy open storage or if you’d prefer to keep your items tidied away and hidden. Angled drawers and cupboards in low-level units are particularly handy for storing items like shoes and high heels that will fit nicely into the angled spaces.

Whether it’s a chest of drawers or you want to incorporate a home office into your loft bedroom, Kingswood at Home can design the ideal storage solutions for the space you have available, including practical storage that works under sloped ceilings.

Under- and over-bed storage

The space under the bed can be very useful for storing items that you might not need to access often but still need to keep on hand. But rather than just throwing your items into a dusty mess under the bed, look for a bed frame that includes under-bed storage. A bed with built-in drawers will be much more practical for storing your items and make it much easier when you do need access.

You can also utilise the space over your bed with practical headboard storage, or over-bed storage. This extra space can be perfect for books, spare bed linen, or just some decorative items to make the space more homey.

Cosy nook

An awkward space in your loft bedroom can be utilised by turning it into a cosy reading nook, with built-in shelves and even a storage bench, to provide extra space and an area to sit and read. A cosy nook is ideal for smaller spaces that might otherwise go to waste and work great in both children’s bedrooms and for adults.

If you’re undertaking a loft conversion in your home, contact Kingswood at Home for stylish and functional bespoke storage solutions. Our designers will work with you to find the ideal storage for your home, making the most of all the space available and finding the perfect finish for your interior style. Book an appointment with us today to visit our showroom or for one of our expert designers to visit your home.

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