Kingswood at Home Guide to Interior Design Trends 2022

Jul 20, 2022 | Interior Design

We’re now over halfway through the year and we’ve seen what the interior design trends of 2022 are shaping up to be. After a difficult few years during the pandemic, our homes have become our havens, and our interiors are changing to reflect that.

Below are our favourite interior design trends to emerge this year.

Natural Materials

This year we’re looking to strengthen our connection to nature, by bringing natural materials inside. There’s such a huge choice when it comes to incorporating natural materials into your home, so you can easily integrate this trend into your home, no matter your interior style. Natural materials can be used with all sorts of styles, bringing warmth and texture to clean, minimalist rooms and enhancing the character of traditional cottagecore. You can go for small accents, such as clay and stoneware ornaments, or make more of a statement with marble surfaces, rattan furniture, or stone flooring.

Kingswood at Home’s bespoke fitted wardrobes are available in a range of finishes, including real wood veneer, bringing the beauty of natural wood into your home. Our stylish and practical made-to-measure wardrobes will maximise the space available with clever storage solutions. Our real wood veneer finishes include golden Light Oak, for traditional rustic charm and rich Chocolate Oak for a striking, dramatic feel.

Green Colour Palette

Continuing with the nature theme, green colour palettes have become more popular this year. Whilst it might sound like a bold choice, green is actually a versatile shade – you just have to find the right hue for your room. A softer sage green will make for a calming environment, whereas a rich jewel-toned green will bring a sense of luxury and decadence.

If painting the whole room green seems like a bit much, you can still achieve this trend with green touches. Go for forest green cushions on the sofa, green tones in wall art, or green window dressings. Kingswood at Home has a huge range of bespoke window shutters and made-to-measure blinds so you can add your perfect shade of green to your interiors.

Sculptural Furniture

After being stuck inside for so long, it seems as though we’ve had enough of boring, run-of-the-mill furniture. Instead, we’re seeing a move towards sculptural furniture, with straight lines being replaced with curves. These softer shapes bring a more welcoming feel to our homes, as well as being an interesting focal point in a room.

Coffee tables in beautiful sweeping curves, deep chunky armchairs and tubular side tables are all great ways of incorporating sculptural furniture into your home. It’s perfect for bringing art into a room, making a design statement whilst still keeping pieces practical.

Modern Grandmillenial

Grandmillenial – or ‘granny chic’ – has taken off in 2022, with people really leaning into this fun trend. Whilst we saw touches of this trend last year, now it is being fully embraced. We’re seeing chintzy floral wallpaper updated with modern colour palettes, rich velvet upholstery with added fringing and classic blue and white porcelain ornaments.

Grandmillenial welcomes maximalism, combining colours, materials and textures. Previously outdated styles have been brought back with a quirky twist, creating vibrant and cosy interiors that echo your grandma’s living room. This trend also allows a mix of new and traditional, with sleek framed mirrors on damask wallpaper or contemporary art next to dark wood furniture.

Black Accents

A neutral, minimalist interior has been popular for a while now, but in 2022 this trend is being updated with a pop of black accents. They add an interesting contrast to rooms decorated in light, neutral tones, giving depth and dimension. This look is favoured by those who want a Scandi or Japanese-inspired interior, keeping a calming, Zen environment without being flat.

Black hardware such as light fixtures, sofa feet, or drawer handles are an easy way of updating a minimalist room. They can help to make a room achieve an industrial look whilst still being cosy and homey.


Update your interiors with custom shutters, blinds, and fitted wardrobes from Kingswood at Home. Book an appointment at our showroom or we can bring the showroom to you with a free home visit. Our expert designers can take you through all our options to find the perfect solution for your interior, lifestyle, and budget before our professional craftspeople build and install your bespoke product.