Inspiration to Make the Most of Your Understairs Storage

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Storage in your home is a precious commodity, and you’ll want to make the most of every available space. That’s where custom-made understairs storage can be a great practical solution – however, it can be difficult to know how to maximise the space available. It might be that you currently don’t have any understairs storage at all. Or you could have a small, impractical cupboard under your stairs that is tricky to use and wastes lots of space.

Kingswood at Home can transform your understairs storage into something that looks great and is convenient and practical. Below are some fantastic ideas to make the most of your understairs storage.

Family Cloakroom

If your stairs are near your front door, you could use the space to store your coats, shoes, umbrellas and bags. This is especially useful if you don’t have a porch or much space directly around your front door. You can make sure everything you need for your family day out is conveniently placed right be the front door, rather than having to scour different rooms to find everything you need.

You could use built-in cupboards or cubby holes for coats, with smaller storage for shoes and bags. You could even include a built-in bench for people to sit and put on their shoes, with storage underneath.

Understairs Home Office

Working from home has become more and more common in recent years. If you work from home, or if you just need some extra space to sort out your personal admin, you can use the space under your stairs to create a small home office. You can install a built-in desk and shelves, so you have space to work and can also use the area for storage.

You can really maximise the space by arranging the furniture in size order – so, you can have smaller storage at the shorter end and a tall cupboard or shelving unit at the wider end. If you pick an office chair that can tuck away under the desk when you’re not using it, you can also make sure you don’t intrude on the hallway too much.

Reading Nook

The understairs area can be the perfect place to install a cosy reading nook. By installing a purpose-built bench and decorating with lots of blankets and cushions, you can create a great place to enjoy a good book. You can also use the bench for built-in understairs storage, so you can tidy away any extra blankets, toys, or anything that you don’t want on display.

You could build bookshelves into the understairs space and create your own mini-library, or just keep it simple and comfortable with a bench and cushions.

Pull-Out Drawers

If you’re fed up with rooting around in dark cupboards under your stairs and having to take out every item you’ve stored away to find what lies at the back, pull-out drawers are the ideal solution. By installing bespoke pull-out drawers into your understairs area, you can make the most of every inch of space and also always have easy access to your items.

The benefit of built-in drawers means that you can decide how big or small you need the drawers to be, depending on what you need to use them for. Once they’re installed, you can then just pull them out and always easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

Toy Storage

If you have children, you’ll know how important it is to have a space to store away their toys. You can install cupboards that are in a convenient place, with shelving units inside and a door to shut everything away when it’s all been tidied.

Toy storage under the stairs means that it can also be easily accessed by the children, so there will be no more excuses when it comes to tidying their toys away!

Shoe Storage

You might not currently have enough storage around your front door to put all your shoes and the shoes of everyone else in the family. So, you might find you’re constantly having to take shoes up and down the stairs, storing them away in a bedroom when they’re not needed and then having to dig them out again when they are.

By building specific shoe storage in your understairs area, you can make sure all your shoes are conveniently placed nearer the front door, so you can always access them. You could use pull-out drawers so your shoes are always neatly arranged, or cupboards with built-in shelving.


If you struggle for storage space in your kitchen and your stairs are close by, using under stairs storage can be a great solution for a pantry. You can use it to store dry goods and items like baking ingredients that you might not use every day but still want on hand. Use cubby holes or shelves and make sure to include a door so you can close everything away and remove the temptation to have a nibble when people pass by!

If you want to transform your understairs area with understairs storage, Kingswood at Home can design your perfect storage solution. With bespoke, made-to-measure understairs cupboards and drawers, our design team will create understairs storage that suits your lifestyle and maximises the space available. Book your free appointment for our expert design team to visit your home and find the right solution.

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