Kingswood at Home Guide to Interior Design Trends 2024

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2024 is here and we’re excited to see all of the new interior design trends that this year will bring. If you’re looking for some inspiration, read on to discover some of our favourite new trends.

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Quiet luxury

We’ve already seen Quiet Luxury take the fashion world by storm, and in 2024 it’s coming for our interiors. Quiet Luxury is all about an understated elegance, with soft neutral tones, classic, timeless designs and discreet, integrated smart technology. An interior that’s using Quiet Luxury will have high quality, sustainable materials without an obvious opulence.

To incorporate Quiet Luxury in your home, look for pieces made from quality materials, designed and created by experts and with precision finishing. Quiet Luxury leans more toward minimalism than maximalism, with a focus on the finer details.

Earth tones

Following on from popular interior design trends, such as Quiet Luxury and Scandi design, warm neutral tones are looking to be hugely popular in 2024. These types of shades, including taupes and warm off-white shades, help to transform a room from cold and sterile to a cosy, inviting cocoon.

Warm earthy tones look best when paired with natural materials, including woods, and rattan, as well as bright green house plants to add vibrancy and life.

Fluted details

We’ve already seen fluting start to creep into our interiors, but 2024 will be the year it becomes a mainstay in our homes. Fluting adds depth and visual interest and can easily be incorporated into any room.

You can make a statement by opting for fluted wall panelling, with one accent wall to draw the eye. Alternatively, you can keep things simple with fluted furniture, from side tables to dressers. If that’s still too much, opt for fluted ornaments and vases – like with the chrome trend, stick with curved, soft shapes to add even more dimension.

Statement art

In 2024, we’ll be looking at our artwork to make a statement in our homes. This could be anything, from bright colours to sculptural art – whatever will draw the eye. Sculptural wall-mounted art has the added interest of adding depth and dimension to a room, and is perfect for playing with lights and shadows.

The great thing about statement artwork is that it allows you to really express your personality in a room. Whether it’s bold graffiti-style pieces or big abstract canvases, you have free range to choose whatever you like. To keep things coherent in a room, try to stick to a colour palette – this will help to stop things looking messy or overwhelming, even with large statement pieces.


In 2024, it’s predicted that chrome will have a resurgence. In previous years, we’ve seen brushed gold and brass fixtures, but now it’s time for chrome to take centre stage. Highly polished, chrome reflects light beautifully, helping to brighten a room.

You may already enjoy chrome fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom, but now you can start to think outside the box. Look for chrome lamps, chrome dining furniture, and chrome vases. Look for pieces with curved edges and shapes, to soften and stop it looking too harsh and clinical.

Blush pink

We talked about the key colours for 2024 in our recent blog, but the stand-out shade for the year is looking to be blush pink. It’s Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2024, and follows the prevalence of vibrant Barbie pink that we saw last year.

You can incorporate blush pink into just about any room of the house, with as much or as little saturation as you like. A few blush pink accents can bring a visual interest to an otherwise neutral-toned room. Alternatively, you can make a statement by fully colour-drenching a room in the shade, including the walls, woodwork, and even the ceiling.

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