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How does the shutter fitting process work?

All of our shutters are bespoke. Our designers and surveyors will discuss with you in detail where and how to install, you can book an appointment to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Where can shutters be fitted?

Shaped Shutters can be fitted to windows, doors, glass roof spaces or used as partitions.

What are tracked shutters?

Patio doors and partitions with wide openings (over 2.5m) usually use a track at the top to suspend the shutters from. They may also need a bottom track to guide the shutters and keep them firmly in position. Tracked shutters can span very wide openings, in excess of 8m.

What are the shutter options for unique shaped windows and doors?

Triangular and arched windows and doors, found in conservatory roofs, apex windows and architectural features and also typical shutter opening choices. Sometimes they are the only shading/privacy solution possible, but our shaped shutters are very well suited, even if this is the case.

Can I Fit Shutters to patio doors?

Tracked Shutters for patio doors are more than just a way to manage light and privacy; they completely transform your room. Whether you want to add the finishing touch to a new extension or accentuate your patio doors, shutters will smarten up and add style to your space.

Can I fit shutters to an arched window?

Roller blinds are a popular choice for arched windows, as they’re incredibly affordable and aesthetically pleasing. Roller blind fabric also comes in a huge range of colours, so you can easily match the blinds to your existing décor.

However, our shaped shutters, can be tailored to almost any shaped window, including arched and will make the most of your beautifully unique windows.

What is the best shutter type for sash windows?

Full height shutters are usually the best for sash windows, as long as they can open independently to still give you access to the window. They can be a beautiful addition to sash windows and give you full control over light and privacy.

Which shutters are best for casement windows?

You absolutely can’t go wrong with full height shutters on casement windows. Shutters can be put in around the window opening to ensure full operation of the opening mechanism. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about dangling fabric blowing in the wind or being left exposed when you need your window open.

Do shutters make a house look smaller?

When decorating a room the main objective is normally to make a room seem as big and as spacious as possible. Adding shutters to your room will not detract from this and can even enhance the space.

what is the difference between shutters and plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters have wider louvres, ranging in width from 1⅞ to 5½ inches.  The louvres are either flat or elliptical in shape. Elliptical louvres are stronger than flat louvres and resist sagging.

Traditional window shutters have narrow wedge-shaped louvres that are only 1¼ inches wide.

Do shutters keep out the light?

One of the greatest features of shutters is the flexibility of light control at any time. We are often asked if shutters will make rooms darker throughout the day when installed. The simple answer is that shutters can offer complete darkness, full light and anywhere in between.

Can you open windows with shutters?

Tier-on-tier shutters, also known as double-hung shutters are the most versatile shutters you can opt for, with two sets hung one above the other, working independently.

This gives great flexibility as you can have the top open and the bottom shut, or vice versa, and both sets can be open or shut too.

Do shutters increase the value of your home?

Kerb appeal is incredibly important and shutters will make your house stand out from all the others.

Estate agents will use your shutters as a selling feature and when they come to value your property, they will add an amount onto the sale price, as shutters are considered part of the fixtures and fittings

Window facts

There are two basic types of window in the UK, casement and sash.

Sash windows

Older sash windows are normally fitted flush or very-nearly-flush with the inside walls, which makes them perfect for fitting shutters to, as the shutters fold back against the walls when open and can be fitted to the sash box section that hides the weights. Newer UPVC sash windows can be trickier to fit to, especially if they are of the tilt turn variety – but luckily these are quite rare.

Casement windows

These open outwards and are fitted to the outside of the house with a windowsill, which normally measures around 8 inches (200mm). In these instances we try to fit as close the window as possible, whilst taking care that handles don’t hit louvre blades. They opening perpendicularly, which means they protrude into the room about as much as a radiator would.

If you want shutters that fold back against the walls you need to fit flush with the opening. We have a ‘Z frame’ that fits around the corner of the reveal to makes this an easy, stylish option.

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