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We can make and fit shutters to almost any size or shape of window or door.

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Custom Shaped Shutters

Original or unusual architecture is no problem for shaped shutters, which are made bespoke to exactly fit your space and requirements.

Kingswood at Home provides bespoke shaped shutters for all window shapes and sizes. Unusual shaped windows can be a beautiful feature to any home, adding character and finesse to any room. However, these odd-shaped windows can be hard to dress, and finding the right kind of shutters to fit can be difficult. Our made-to-measure bespoke shaped shutters can be designed and custom built to fit any window, so if you would like to add shutters to your unusual shaped windows, get in touch with us and find out more about how we can transform your windows.

Arch Shaped Shutters

Arched windows have always been a much-desired window shape for homes. Due to the unique nature of the various arch shapes available that you can buy, these windows bring a sense of customisation and individuality to the home.

At Kingswood at Home we pride ourselves on creating the perfect shutters or blinds for your arched windows. Our made-to-measure service results in bespoke and exclusive shutters just for you and your home. Contact us or book a home visit and find out more about our bespoke arch shaped shutters today.

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Apex Shaped Shutters

Apex windows can open any room up; natural daylight beaming into your home or being able to watch the rain fall on a grey day. However, when it comes to privacy, everyone wants to be able to have that in their homes. Apex windows can feel quite intrusive if not dressed correctly.

Kingswood at Home will put your mind at ease with our bespoke, custom-made shutters for apex windows. Our apex shaped shutters and blinds are made-to-measure and designed to your home needs.

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Cathedral Shaped Shutters

Cathedral windows for the home are used to decorate properties in inspiring ways. From old window frames transformed into shelving or bed headboards, the home décor industry is besotted with cathedral windows. Cathedral windows bring culture, beauty, and a sense of history to a home.

Kingswood at Home creates made-to-measure shaped shutters designed to enhance and complement your beautiful cathedral windows.

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Porthole & Round Shaped Shutters

Porthole and round windows are a stunning feature in the home. Commonly found in bathrooms, round windows are becoming more popular for all rooms around the home.

At Kingswood at Home, we understand the importance of having your home how you want it, making the most of its features; this is why we specialise in made-to-measure shutters for all window shapes.

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Why shaped shutters are a great option…

  • Our shaped shutters make your home as individual as you by making a feature of your beautiful windows
  • The bespoke element of our shutters makes them especially perfect for homes with unusual architecture
  • The tailored design makes the most of your unique windows, dressing them instead of hiding them
  • Our shutters come in any shade or colour you like, including wood stains
  • For kitchens, bathrooms or family homes (which come with small, sticky hand or paw prints), there are waterproof, wipe-clean options available

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