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Cover the bottom half of your window for a continental feel

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Café Style Half Window Shutters

With café shutters the only thing that can see in is the light, as they cover only the bottom half of the window, but still provide plenty of privacy letting in lots of light through the top half. Perfect if you have a darker room or you are looking for that continental style.

We have a range of different colours and stains available to design your café shutters and our craftspeople will create them just for your home to fit in with your décor. We don’t adopt a cookie-cutter approach; each shutter is crafted as per the requirements of each customer.

Our bespoke shutter service means we can design and fit café shutters to any window.

What makes café style shutters a great option?

  • The daylight can stream through the top half of your windows, when they’re closed
  • Their design makes them perfect for bay windows and street-level rooms
  • They can be created in any shade or colour you like, including wood stains
  • For kitchens, bathrooms or family homes, there are waterproof, wipe-clean options available
  • Their continental style makes them a stylish option for any home
cafe style shutters

Where can you use café style shutters?

Our café style shutters can be used in any room throughout the home, but we find most customers use them in rooms which need added privacy. Ground floor or first floor bedrooms which are overlooked benefit from half height window shutters immensely as the shutters can be closed, when needed, with natural light still pouring in through the top of the window. However, if you would like to be able to cover the top of the window too, our tier-on-tier shutters would be a solution to consider.

Half height café shutters are an ideal addition to any home as they give you the perfect blend of privacy and natural light. One of the main reasons our customers choose our café style shutters over our other ranges of window shutters is because they suit an array of interior design choices and home styles. Our half shutters have been used in stylish apartments, country cottages, and Victorian townhouses alike.


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