How Bi-folding doors transform a home

Oct 4, 2019 | Home Improvements

There are some changes we can make to our homes that entirely reinvent the space – bi-folding doors are one of these miraculous renovations that just transform a room.

Often seen on Grand Designs and in glossy mags, bi-fold doors create epic open space, offering an unobscured view of your garden and letting natural light stream in. Pairing well with a conservatory or open plan kitchen, they provide flexible dining opportunities and truly complement landscaped gardens with decking or a patio. Their concertina style creates a stunning open space in your home.

Flexible Designs for your Family

Unlike conventional sliding patio doors, bi-fold doors fill an entire wall of your home and open fully to exquisitely merge your home and garden. Our designs offer up to 7 leafs, providing boundless options to suit your home, all set on runners making opening and closing them a breeze and completely safe, especially if you have children. A primary door that can be opened on its own allows total flexibility.

A Striking Feature

Connecting the exterior of your home to your garden provides a wall of light when open or closed creating an incredible feeling of spaciousness and height. Clean lines and maximum glass coverage are perfect for opening up smaller spaces or enjoying your garden year round. Hosting a party? Open the doors to extend your entertaining space, easily moving furniture between your garden and home. You might also consider installing a system with multiple sets of doors, optimising your vista and creating a striking feature, open or shut.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Bi-fold doors allow you to open or close an entire wall of your home – meaning you can integrate your living environments and become more energy efficient. In the height of summer, rather than turning on fans and AC just open the doors and let the breeze come through. The high quality aluminium doors also keep heat in during winter, insulating your home to the highest standard. Eco-conscious consumers will be pleased to know that aluminium doors are recyclable – in fact recycling aluminium only requires 5% of the energy used when producing it from raw materials.

Contemporary Finish

Bi-folding doors are a high-end, modern alternative to French doors that are perfect for contemporary living, adding both finesse and value to your home. Aluminium’s longevity will ensure that you’re making a sound investment, and your property will no doubt stand out on the market if you choose to sell.

No Security Compromises

Our robust aluminium designs are incredibly secure, making it the ideal choice for your home and family. All doors are fitted with high quality security features as standard.

If your sliding patio doors or French doors need an upgrade, then bi-folding doors are a fantastic, contemporary option to explore. Not to mention, our 25-year guarantee and new Interest Free Credit facility will provide you with complete peace of mind. Book an appointment today with our experienced and friendly team to hear more about our versatile and bespoke designs.