Top Tips to Create a Productive Home Office

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For many people, home working has now become a part of normal life, whether it’s a full-time practice or part of hybrid working. Whilst we may have previously made-do with temporary workspaces, a permanent home office can really help us to work more productively and efficiently. Having a dedicated space for our home working means we can focus on our work with minimal distractions.

Below are our top interior design tips for creating a productive home office.

Pick a Colour Scheme

When designing your home office, you should think carefully about the colour scheme you want. Picking a colour palette will help to keep everything coherent and will produce a productive working environment.

Neutral colours will help to keep things calm so you can stay focused. This can be great for work where you’ll need to concentrate and can also help you to stay zen when things might get stressful. You should aim for lighter tones, as this will help to keep things fresh and keep you motivated.

Brighter colours can help to spark creativity, but you should be careful not to go overboard, as this can be overstimulating. Instead, go for bright highlights, like an accent wall, or vibrant cushions and throws.

Keep Things Organised

It’s really important to keep your home office organised and clutter-free. This will help you to stay focused and also work much more efficiently. When you have an organised home office, you’ll be able to find everything you need whenever you need it, whether it’s an important document for a zoom meeting or a specific tool you need to complete a project.

Our home office storage solutions offer bespoke, made-to-measure storage for your home office, so you can maximise the space and also keep everything tidy. We’ll ergonomically design your home office with custom desk height and storage placement, so you can work comfortably for as long as you need. Not only are our home office furniture designs practical but they’re also stylish. We have over 1000 colour and design combinations so you can find exactly what you want for your perfect home office.

Choose the Right Lighting

You’ll want to allow as much natural light into your home office as possible, to help keep you focused and productive. However, ideally, you’ll have control over how much light enters the room, as too much can be overbearing, and not enough will make the room feel dark and tired.

You should use a combination of natural light through the windows and also electric and ambient lights, like LED lighting that has a dimming feature. For your windows, you should look at how you want to dress them for both style and practicality. Our tailor-made shutters are a great solution for home offices, allowing you to choose exactly how much light is let into a room whilst also keeping your privacy.

Use Natural Textures

Natural textures can help to bring a calming quality to your home office, making us feel happier and closer to nature. You can achieve this by bringing in some natural greenery, like house plants and fresh flowers, to bring a breath of fresh air to your office. You can also choose natural textures accents in furniture and ornaments, like wood, stone, clay, and rattan.

A great way to bring natural textures into your home office is through the flooring. At Kingswood At Home, our natural-effect flooring uses advanced technology to perfectly mimic natural textures of stone and wood, whilst also being durable and easy to maintain. You can soften a hard floor with a rug or runner to make things cosier.

Keep Work and Personal Separate

The key to a productive home office is to make sure you keep your work separate from your personal life. With a dedicated home office, you can ensure your work stays in the office, and just shut the door when you’re finished for the day.

It might be that your home office will have a dual purpose, in which case you should aim to keep the working part of the room as separate as possible, perhaps with a room divider. You can also utilise storage to ensure you’re able to focus on your work when you need to, with minimal distractions from anything else – just ensure anything you don’t need is packed away tidily whilst you’re working.

Kingswood At Home can help you create a functional and stylish home office, with made-to-measure home office furniture. Our expert designers can visit your home to see what the best home office storage solutions are for your space, and together you can find the right options for your lifestyle and budget. Book your free, no-obligation design appointment today or contact us to find out more information.

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