Small Entryway Ideas to Welcome You Home

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The best entryways will be stylish and practical, with functional storage solutions to make the most of the available space. Small entryways can sometimes pose a challenge, but with the right approach, even the smallest spaces can fulfil your needs. If you need some inspiration for your small entryway, read some of our favourite interior design ideas below.

Fitted storage

When you need to maximise storage in a small space, fitted storage is the solution. Fitted storage in your entryway will tidy away your shoes, coats, bags, and everything else that you need to grab and go.

Kingswood at Home can design, build, and install fitted storage in your entryway. We’ll design storage that suits your needs, whether you need extra shoe storage or long cupboards to tidy away coats. We’ll design storage to maximise space in even awkwardly shaped nooks and alcoves, giving you more space than you thought possible. With storage options available in a range of colours and finishes, we‘re sure to create the perfect entryway storage for your interiors and lifestyle.

Wall panelling

Wall panelling can be a simple yet effective way of adding a touch of style to your entryway hall. Half-height wall panelling can help to draw the eye – painting the upper portion of the wall a darker colour will help to make the space feel taller and more spacious. Combine with a slim console table to provide a handy space for keys and other items to store as you enter and leave the home.

Wall panelling can help to create interest in a space that might otherwise feel bland and unfinished. Kingswood at Home designs, builds, and installs bespoke wall panelling for your home. We have a range of patterns and panel options so we can create wall panelling that suits your interior style.  

Colour drenching

Colour drenching in a large room can feel overwhelming, so your small entryway can be the perfect alternative to incorporating some colour into your home. Colour drenching involves painting the entire space in one colour, even including the skirting and the ceiling. Painting the entire entryway one shade can create a warm, cosy cocoon to welcome your home.

Colour drenching can work in just about any shade, so you can really use this as an opportunity to show off your personality. You could create a calm environment with a soft blue or mint green, or create a brighter, more energetic space with a vibrant yellow or burnt orange. For a dramatic entryway, pick a deeper shade like rich burgundy or navy blue – these shades can work best if your entryway has plenty of natural light, to prevent it feeling too dark.

Multifunctional furniture

The key to making the most out of a small entryway is multifunctional furniture. Items that are stylish and can serve a variety of purposes mean that you’ll be able to fit everything you need in even a small space.

For example, a bench can be helpful as a space to sit and put on shoes, but a storage bench will have the added benefit of providing additional storage space for shoes and bags. You could also opt for a storage solution that includes hooks for coats as well as shelving underneath for shoes and other items. A console table can be handy for holding keys, but look for one with drawers and storage underneath to make the most out of the space.

Minimalist styling

Small entryways can easily become cluttered, which can make the space look too busy and overwhelmed. Fitted storage and multifunctional furniture can help to tidy away the clutter, but minimalist styling can also help to keep the space clean and airy.

Minimalist styling doesn’t mean you can still inject a lot of your personality into your entryway. A vase with dried or fresh flowers can be a simple way of adding some visual interest to your entryway, and you can pick whatever colour and style fits your preference. You can also add some different textures to add depth to a space without it feeling messy, such as rattan storage baskets, metalwork light fixtures, or ceramic storage trays. Sticking with one colour palette for the paint and your accessories will keep the space looking cohesive.

Maximise light

More light in a space will help to make it feel larger, brighter, and airier. You can help to maximise the light in your entryway with a large mirror. Mirrors will reflect the light and help to diffuse it around the room, making it feel less dull. Mirrors will also have the added benefit of giving people the chance for a last check of themselves before they leave. Fixing the mirror to a wall means that it won’t take up any space on the floor, so can work in even the smallest of entryways.

Whilst your entryway might not have the space for lamps, you can add interesting light fixtures on the ceiling. This will provide enough light and give you the opportunity to add some visual interest and style without taking up precious floor space. If possible, you could also utilise doors with glass panelling. Whether on your interior or exterior door, glass panels will allow natural light to flow through your entryway and help to make the space feel bright.

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