Shutters or Blinds – Which is Better?

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How you decide to dress your window can be a big decision. You’ll need to balance the practical function of the window dressing with style and flair. When choosing a window dressing, you’ll want to consider how much light you want in a room, how much maintenance will be needed, and what will look the best in your room.

If you can’t decide between shutters or blinds for your windows, we break down the benefits of each below.

Benefits of shutters

Make a statement

One of the benefits of shutters is that they are a feature. They can really make a statement in any room, whether you want to accentuate period features or go for something with a more contemporary feel. Not only will they add to the curb appeal of your home, but they’ll be a talking point in your room, enhancing your interiors.

Easy to maintain and durable

Shutters can be very simple to maintain. They can easily be dusted with a duster or soft cloth and can be kept clean with a damp cloth. Another benefit of shutters is that they’re durable and long-lasting. Shutters from Kingswood at Home come with a 10-year guarantee, so you’ll know you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years to come.

Extra insulation

One of the fantastic benefits of shutters is that they provide an extra layer of insulation. Solid shutters especially will help to keep the heat inside during the winter months and help the room stay cool in the summer by blocking the sun.

Control over light and privacy

Depending on which type of shutter you pick, shutters can also give you a degree of control over the amount of light and privacy of the room. Tier-on-tier shutters consist of two independent layers, so you can open or close panels depending on how much light you want to let in. Our full-height shutters have separate mid-rails for the top and bottom sections so they too can give you some control over letting light into the room.

Suits all interiors

Plus, our shutters are available in a huge range of colours and finishes, so you can find the exact shutter that suits your interiors and style. Our shutters are all tailor-made for your windows, and we can design and build shutters for all sorts of shapes and unusual windows, including arched, apex, and cathedral-shaped windows.

Benefits of blinds

Flexibility to change

Usually, it can be easier to change out blinds than shutters when you want to refresh the look of the room. It might be that you want to add a pop of colour, or it could be that you’re redecorating the entire room and want new blinds to complement the interiors. Either way, replacing blinds will be easier than changing shutters.

Choice of colours

Whilst our shutters do come in a range of colours and finishes, there is a lot more choice with blinds. We have blinds in a huge variety of colours and patterns, including abstract, botanical, and geometric. If you want to really make a statement with your window dressing and tie them in with the rest of your interiors, blinds might just be the best option for you.

Choice of type

There are different types of blinds that can all offer additional benefits. For example, blackout blinds can fully block the light in a room, making them perfect for bedrooms. Venetian blinds can provide you with more control over how much light comes into the room, giving you the option to adjust the slats or fully raise or lower each blind.

Kingswood at Home has blinds options that include waterproof and wipe-clean options, perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and children’s bedrooms. These options can make maintenance much easier and help you to keep your blinds looking clean and fresh.

More discreet

Blinds can be tucked away when not in use. Venetian blinds with narrow slats especially can be pulled up and tidied away almost entirely, perfect for when you want to let in the most light and let your window be the main feature.

Bespoke shutters and blinds from Kingswood at Home

Kingswood at Home has a variety of both shutters and blinds to suit all interiors. We design and build bespoke shutters and blinds, so we can find the window dressing that suits your needs, interior, and budget.

Our designers will discuss all the options with you, so we can find the right solution for your home. Your bespoke shutters or blinds will then be built and installed by our expert craftspeople, ensuring they’re fitted correctly so you can enjoy them for years to come.

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