Kingswood at Home Guide to Interior Design Trends 2023

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With 2023 well underway, we’re already seeing the standout design trends for the year. Read on to find out about some of our favourites and how you can use them in your interiors.

Dopamine décor

Dopamine décor derives from dopamine dressing – the fashion trend of dressing in bright, fun colours with over-the-top flairs. It’s a way of expressing joy and exuberance.

For our interiors, that means adding pops of vibrant colours and playful patterns throughout a room. You could opt for a geometric textured rug under a jewel-toned velvet sofa, or a bold blue dining table with mismatched chairs and patterned window blinds.

With dopamine décor, there is no rulebook. Choose whatever patterns, colours and fabrics make you happy. If you’re concerned about making your room feel busy, decide on a few of your favourite bright colours and use them as accents throughout the space.

Micro luxury

Micro luxury is an interior trend that has emerged in 2023 and focuses on the finer details of a space. The aim with micro-luxury is to create a subtly sumptuous, luxurious space.

To incorporate micro luxury into your home, you just need to think about the often-overlooked parts of a room. Adding lavish accents throughout a space can help to add glamour and bring a room together.

Think about the handles on your cabinets, drawers and fitted wardrobes. Changing your standard handles for something a little more intricate can make a big impact. You could also consider your soap dispensers in the bathroom – adding a ceramic dispenser is an easy way of adding a touch of sophistication. For bedrooms and living rooms you can easily incorporate the micro luxury trend by utilizing plush, rich fabrics for blankets and throws.

Heritage design

Heritage design sees vintage and classic designs being incorporated into our homes. Rather than the kitschy, nostalgic design trends we’ve seen in previous years, heritage has a more classic, timeless feel. It can be as easy as adding a few antique pieces of furniture to your room or opting for a herringbone floor.

You can also add heritage design to your interiors through the colour palette. Think mustard yellows, sage green, and warm woods. Wall panelling is also a great way of incorporating heritage design into your home and can easily blend with your current interiors.


2022 may have been all about checkerboard, but 2023 is moving to stripes. It’s a classic design choice but is being updated to fit modern tastes. One of the great benefits of stripes is that they can be used with most other patterns, such as floral and geometric pieces.

You can opt for bold, statement stripes for your interiors, or something more delicate. Stripes are typically used in nautical and coastal interiors and can be an easy way of incorporating the heritage trend, with a pinstripe armchair. You could also add stripes to your room through wallpaper, window dressings, or soft furnishings.


Above all else, it seems as though we are valuing comfort in our interiors. This is where the comfortcore interior trend has stemmed from, with an aim to make our homes a calming, comfortable haven. Comfortcore focuses on bedrooms and creating a sanctuary but can be incorporated throughout the home.

Comfortcore is about mindful living and creating ease. Think soft furnishings, comfortable seating, cosy nooks for reading and relaxing. You can aim to layer soft and warm textures on your seating and on your bed, with velvet, faux fur, and thick woollen knits. The colour palette for comfortcore should be muted – a neutral palette can be perfect for creating a zen environment, but you can add a few accent colours to show your personality.

Kingswood at Home provides a range of bespoke interior options to transform your home in 2023. From fitted wardrobes, bespoke storage, and made-to-measure shutters and blinds, our expert designers can find the right option for your home. Contact us to speak to the team today.

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