How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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As the temperatures outside rise and we enjoy the summer sunshine, keeping your home cool can become a top priority. Warmer weather can make our homes uncomfortable, which can make it hard to relax, sleep, or even work from home.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things we can do to help make our homes cooler this summer. Below are some of our tips and practical solutions to keeping your home cool and comfortable, so you can enjoy summer to its fullest.

Close windows and curtains

Most people will think that opening windows will be the best way to keep your home cool in a heatwave, but that isn’t always the case. Encouraging air flow can be helpful, but only when the air is cooler. When the sun is coming in a window, the air outside will likely be very warm. So, it can be best to keep that window closed and also shut the curtains, blinds, or shutters, to block the light entirely.

Doing so will stop the very hot air and direct sunlight from coming inside and heating up the home even more. Once the sun has moved away from the window, you might be able to open it and let in some cooler air. Late evening will be a great time to get all the windows open, as the outside temperature will likely be cooler than inside.

Upgrade your window dressing

Having the right window dressing can go a long way in keeping your home cool. Light curtains won’t be as effective as keeping out the sunlight and the heat as something like blackout blinds. As blackout blinds are made of a thicker material, they’ll keep the room dim and prevent the sunlight from coming in and heating up the space.

Shutters can also be highly effective at keeping a room cool, as they will add an extra layer of insulation to the window. Shutters have the added benefit of having slats that can be adjusted so you can fully block the light if preferred or let in a little if needed.

Use fans smartly

Fans can be a good way of improving the air flow and circulating cool air. If it’s cooler outside than inside, you can place your fan by a window, pointing into the room. This will bring the cooler air in from outside and move it around the room to help lower the temperature. To help reduce the temperature even more, you could place a bowl of ice in front of the fan – the air coming from the fan will cool even more as it passes over the ice, and then circulates around the room.

If you find your home is still warm in the evenings, but the temperature outside is cool, you could try placing your fan by a window facing outwards. This can help to move the hot air out of the room, and it will be replaced by cooler air.

Keep doors closed

If you’re using a fan to cool a room, it can be better to close the door. This can help to ensure the cool air stays in the space and can help prevent any warmer air getting in.

You can also keep doors closed on any rooms that you know get especially hot, such as south-facing rooms that get the sunlight all day. If you don’t need to go into these rooms, make sure to keep the door closed to help keep the rest of your home cool.

Remember that heat rises. If your home has multiple floors, it can be best to stick to the lower floors as much as possible, and keep the rooms on the higher levels shut off to reduce the warm air spreading around the home.

Cover leather sofas

Leather sofas can be uncomfortable in the heat and make us feel hotter. You can help to make it feel better by covering the sofa with breathable fabric, such as cotton or linen. A spare bedsheet will work great if you don’t want to buy any additional sofa throws. You might need to use a few sheets to ensure all of the cushions are covered.

Avoid appliances that give off heat

Where possible, you should avoid using appliances that will pump more heat into your home. This will include things like tumble dryers and ovens. If you can, try to hang your washing up to dry rather than tumble drying it.

You could also look for meals that don’t require an oven to be cooked. You could use this as an opportunity to dust off the BBQ, consider using an air fryer instead, or just stick with cold food that doesn’t need cooking.

Invest in air conditioning

Air conditioning isn’t yet common in our UK homes, but that does look to be changing. Air conditioning units can be easily installed using a window vent, or you can find portable air conditioners. These can be great if you move around the home and want to keep the air cool wherever you are. They have the added benefit of being packed away when they’re not needed, which can keep things looking tidy in the cooler months.

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