How to Fill Space in a Large Living Room

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Your living room will be one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s a room that will likely be used for both entertaining guests and also relaxing, so the space needs to be both cosy and functional. But a large living room can be difficult to decorate and furnish in a way that doesn’t feel awkward.

If you have a large living room that’s feeling a little sparse, read our expert interior design tips to create a comfortable and homey space.

Built-in storage

Built-in shelving and cupboards will not only help you to fill space in a large living room, but they will also provide practical storage solutions. You could fill an alcove with shelving, perfect for displaying your books and ornaments. Or you could create a tailor-made media centre, which will help to keep your television and other devices tidy and organised.

Kingswood at Home can design, build and install bespoke storage for your large living room, working to your exact requirements. No space is too big or too small and we can even build storage into unusual or awkward spaces, such as under the stairs. Contact us for more information or book your appointment to speak to our designers today.


There are many benefits to adding houseplants to your large living room. Plants can create a calm and tranquil atmosphere and can also help to clean the air. You can incorporate plants in various ways which can all help to fill the space in a large room.

You could go for lots of smaller plants, filling a whole wall with leafy greens, cacti and succulents. The key to getting this look right is utilizing different levels. Use tables and stools of different heights to place your plants, and mix up the sizes, with some smaller and some larger plants. You can also place taller plants directly on the floor to add even more dimension.

If you prefer to keep it simple, you can instead use one or two large houseplants in your living room. A kentia palm or bird of paradise will grow tall, taking the eye upwards and filling space. A rubber plant is another great option – it has large waxy leaves and doesn’t need too much maintenance to keep looking its best.

Go bold

While smaller spaces can be overwhelmed with bold décor, large living rooms can look fantastic. With a large space, you’ll have more freedom to play with textures, patterns and colours. Don’t be afraid to shy away from vibrant shades and sculptural furniture.

You can bring it all together and keep a unified feel by sticking to one colour palette. Sometimes it can work best to have one bright colour as the focus and use more muted, neutral tones to complement the shade. Or you could go for a maximalist interior design and add a few different jewel tones to your interior – the choice is yours.

Create multiple seating areas

You can make a big space cosier by creating multiple sections within the room, instead of having one large seating area. Think about the size and shape of your room and what you’ll use it for.

For example, you could have a larger area with the sofa and extra chairs for multiple people to sit, and then a smaller area with just two comfy armchairs, for more intimate seating. Or you could create a reading nook, with a built-in storage bench, bookshelves and soft comfy cushions and blankets.

You could even add a small home office or study area into a nook or corner of the living room. This can make practical use of the extra room and using built-in storage will maximise the space you have to use.

You can create sections in the room using furniture such as the sofa or a console table to split the room. You can also use rugs to differentiate between the two spaces. You can bring a sense of cohesion by sticking with the same style and colour palette.

Fill wall space

Empty wall space can make the room feel large and bare. You can use furniture to fill the space, such as a console table, bench, or bookshelf. You can also help to make a large living room more cosy by filling wall space with art and wall hangings.  This will help to soften the room and make it feel less sparse.

When choosing art for your living room, it can be best to stick with a similar style and colour palette as your furniture. If you’re looking for framed pieces, larger can work better. You could also create a gallery wall with different sizes of art, to add more dimension and really draw the eye.

To help transform your living room, contact Kingswood at Home for bespoke storage, shutters, and blinds.

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