How to Create a Minimalist Bedroom

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Your bedroom should be a peaceful haven where you can relax. Minimalism can help to achieve this, incorporating a simple and clean interior style to create a sense of calm.

Below, we’ve put together our top tips to create the best minimalist bedroom for your home.

Neutral colours

Minimalist doesn’t have to mean a completely white room. In fact, this can look a little clinical and cold. Instead, think about a neutral colour palette, incorporating a few muted browns, beiges, or greys across the room.

You should try to pick just a few colours for your bedding, furniture, and artwork, to keep to the minimalist theme. You could also add a few extra accents, such as a brighter colour in your artwork or soft furnishings, to add some more depth.

Smart storage

A minimalist bedroom needs to be neat and tidy. This means you’ll need to find somewhere to store all your belongings, so they don’t become clutter.

Custom fitted wardrobes are a great way of creating clean storage for your minimalist bedroom. Wardrobes that have been custom-made for your bedroom will incorporate clean lines with no extra alcoves or nooks to disrupt the Zen nature of a minimalist interior.

Plus, made-to-measure wardrobes mean you’ll maximise the storage space in the room, so you’ll have plenty of space to store everything you need.

Low furniture

The key to a minimalist bedroom is to create as much space as possible. If you’re struggling for floorspace, you can add space vertically instead.

Look for low furniture that’s close to the ground, as this will create space above it, giving the illusion of high ceilings. Think low bed frames and low bedside tables, or no bedside tables at all, and just have your lamp on the ground.

You could also add low-hanging lighting to play with the levels in the room and add some dimension.

Add texture

To avoid your minimalist bedroom feeling to cold, you can add textures to create warmth and depth. As long as you stick to your minimalist colour palette, you’ll still achieve the desired look without it looking too busy.

You can incorporate texture through your soft furnishing. Perhaps you can add a faux fur blanket to the bed, or a woven rug to the floor. Alternatively, you can add texture through your light fittings – cast iron creates a gorgeous industrial minimalism.

Incorporate nature

Another way to add texture and warmth to a minimalist bedroom is to bring the outside in. A few leafy-green house plants strategically placed in the room can bring a calming feel, as well as adding some depth and dimension.

You can also add nature to your minimalist bedroom with the materials you use. Wood, stone, clay, and rattan can all create a peaceful environment while adhering to the minimalist theme. Look for natural materials that match your chosen colour palette to ensure a cohesive feel.

Play with symmetry

Often, minimalist bedrooms will have a degree of symmetry. This will help to keep clean lines and a simple, fresh feel. However, if a symmetrical room sounds a little dull, you can play with the setup.

Instead of having two identical lamps on each bedside table, choose two different lamps which complement each other. They might be a similar style or a similar colour palette.

If you’re putting art on the walls, instead of having two pieces that are the same size, choose a smaller piece next to a larger piece. Just try to look for artwork that’s a similar style and colours, ideally to match the rest of your décor in the room.

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