Home Organisation Tips for Your Spring Clean

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As the seasons shift and spring fills the air, now is the perfect time to breathe new life into your living space. Spring cleaning isn't just about tidying up - it's an opportunity to rejuvenate your surroundings and create a sanctuary that inspires peace and productivity.

With our carefully curated tips, you'll learn how to effectively declutter, optimise storage solutions, and add a renewed sense of order and harmony to your home.

Invest in bespoke fitted storage

One of the best ways to keep your home organised is to invest in bespoke fitted storage. Mass-produced storage will never be able to make the most of the space available in your room, whereas made-to-measure wardrobes and storage will be constructed to the exact measurements, so no space is wasted.

Another benefit of bespoke fitted storage is that it will be designed and tailored to your needs. At Kingswood at Home, we’ll work with you to create a storage solution that perfectly fits your lifestyle. Whether you need extra hanging space, built-in drawers, or even a vanity area, we’ll design, build, and install bespoke fitted storage designed to keep you organised exactly how you need.

Utilise multifunctional furniture

A great way to get your home organised this Spring is to utilise multifunctional fitted furniture. The right multifunctional furniture will be stylish and practical, seamlessly fitting into your interior whilst providing additional space for storage.

For example, rather than a footstool that can only be used as a footstool, look for an ottoman that has storage space. This can be the perfect place to store extra blankets and cushions that you might have needed throughout the winter but won’t need when the weather gets warmer.

You can also look for a bed that has built-in storage underneath. This can be the ideal space to store items such as extra duvets and pillows – remember to vacuum pack them to keep them protected and to reduce their volume. You can also use under-the-bed storage to store out-of-season clothes. If you struggle for space in your wardrobe, you can take the opportunity to switch out your winter wardrobe for your summer outfit. This keeps your wardrobe free of clutter and makes getting ready a breeze.

Another example of useful multifunctional furniture is a window storage bench. These can be great in any room of the home, including the kitchen, bedroom and lounge. A built-in window seat provides helpful additional seating in a room as well as storage, all while making the most of space that might otherwise have gone to waste.

Use drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are a simple yet practical addition to your home organisation. It’s all too easy for a drawer to descend into chaos, especially those that you use most often. Drawer dividers help to keep you and your items organised.

The best way to utilise drawer dividers is to group like with like. No matter which drawer you’re organising – whether it be in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom – think about which category each item might fit into. Then put each category into its own section of the drawer divider. Now, every time you open the drawer, you’ll know exactly where to find what you’re looking for and won’t have to root through the entire contents to get to it.

Regularly declutter

The key to good home organisation is to regularly declutter your belongings. Things can quickly build up, and the more you have in your home, the trickier it can be to keep organised.

We’re not saying you need to live the minimalist life – unless that’s your preference! – but regularly taking stock of what you have, what you use, and what you might be able to get rid of can help to streamline things in a helpful way.

When you have the time, take each room one by one and go through what’s in there. This is especially important for rooms where things are stored like clothes or equipment in the kitchen, where you might regularly buy things and add them to the cupboards or wardrobes. Think about what you’ve used or worn recently and what might have been forgotten about. For things that you think you might still use, try moving them to the front of the cupboard so you remember they’re there. For items that you no longer want but are still useable, sell or donate them. For things you no longer need but can’t be used by someone else, look for local recycling points.

Don’t forget vertical

Often, walls can be unused space. Not only can this contribute to a dull-looking room, but it also means you’re not making the most of your available storage space. Hanging things, then, can help to add character to a room while also adding extra storage.

This can look especially impactful in a kitchen. If you struggle for cupboard space, try investing in wall hooks for your pots and pans. This can create a stylish and functional kitchen, adding depth to an otherwise plain wall. You’ll also have a lot of your kitchen items to hand and in front of you while you’re cooking, helping to streamline the process. It will also free up space in your kitchen cupboards, making it easier to keep them organised and uncluttered.

Open shelves are another way to maximise your storage by going vertical. Open shelves look great in any room and can be a great place display your ornaments and other decorative items. Think carefully about how you want to style your shelves to keep them from looking cluttered. If you like the maximalist look, aim to organise your shelves so items are within one colour palette, to keep it cohesive.

Look for any wasted space – and transform it

When you’re thinking about improving your home organisation, it can be helpful to consider which areas in your home might currently be under-utilised. You might have alcoves, spaces under slanted ceilings, or space under the stairs that you’re not sure how to properly make the most of.

Kingswood at Home can revitalise your space with made-to-measure home storage for any room. We’ll design fitted storage for the exact measurements of your space, accommodating alcoves, slanted ceilings and any other type of awkward or unusual space. Our design team will work with you to create stylish, functional storage that suits your lifestyle and interior tastes. Your bespoke storage will be built by our expert craftspeople and professionally installed by our in-house team for the perfect fit.

To find out more, contact us, visit our showroom or book a free design appointment with one of our expert designers about what we can do for your home.

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