Design Ideas for a Modern Primary Bedroom

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Are you redesigning your bedroom? Read on to find out our expert design tips to create your ideal modern primary bedroom that you’ll be happy to wake up in every day.

Maximise space with fitted furniture

The best way to create a peaceful bedroom haven is to clear away the clutter with smart storage solutions. Fitted wardrobes that have been tailor-made to fit your space will mean every inch is utilised, so you can find a place for everything you need. Kingswood at Home offers a range of bedroom furniture in a variety of styles and finishes, including bespoke wardrobes, chest of drawers, dressing tables, and bedside cabinets. We can create the perfect storage solution for your modern bedroom, working with you to find what sort of storage you need and what style suits your interiors.

Go bold with colour

Modern bedrooms are all about being bold with colour. If painting every wall a vibrant colour is too much for you, start small with pops of colour throughout the room. Go for bright bed sheets or window dressings, such as curtains, blinds or shutters. Choose a colour palette that will be calming enough to create a zen bedroom but energizing enough to start your day right when you wake up. Make sure to pick a few different colours from the same palette to stop your bedroom from being too overly coordinated.

Don’t forget the ceiling

It can all be too easy to forget the ‘fifth’ wall when decorating – the ceiling. Whilst a white ceiling is classic, painting the ceiling a darker colour is a great way of bringing drama to a room. This can be perfect for larger rooms with high ceilings – smaller rooms might feel too dark, as the ceiling will absorb the light. If you want to really make a statement, you could even wallpaper the ceiling. This can work great if your walls are painted one, subdued colour. And speaking of wallpaper…

Use wallpaper creatively

The ceiling and walls aren’t the only places you can use wallpaper. You could wallpaper the inside of cupboards and bookcases or even the doors of a room. You can match the wallpaper to the walls, or just stick to wallpapering certain areas and paint the walls a complementary colour to bring it all together. When you’re using wallpaper creatively, go for a bold, exciting pattern, as this will make the most impact.

Use a statement art piece for your foundation

If you’re unsure where to start when redesigning your bedroom, think about what art you like. Is there one particular piece of art that you know you want to hang in your bedroom? If so, use that as your foundation for design aspects. Pick a few colours from the piece and use these to create your room’s colour palette. Also, consider the style of the art. If it has bold geometric patterns, can you incorporate similar patterns elsewhere? Think about whether you want the art piece to stand out, in which case, it might be better to stick to simple colour blocking for your walls, bed sheets and upholstery.

Get back to nature

Bringing natural materials into your bedroom is a great way of making it feel peaceful. There are many different natural materials that can help you to create a modern bedroom, from wood to stone. Consider the various textures of the materials – hard woods and stone can be softened with fake fur, house plants, and rattan. Modern bedrooms can sometimes be too harsh and clinical, but adding in natural materials can help to make it much more cosy and warm.

Transform your bedroom with Kingswood at Home

We can help you to create your perfect bedroom, with fitted furniture and smart storage solutions available in a range of colours, designs, and finishes. Look at our brochure for more ideas or contact us to book your appointment. Visit our showroom to speak to our team or one of our expert designers can bring the showroom to you with a free home visit. We can take you through all the options to find the right bedroom furniture for your tastes, lifestyle, and budget.

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