Create a Scandi Style Bedroom with These Interior Tips

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Scandinavian style interiors bring a classic, chic look to any room. Scandi interiors are perfect for bedrooms, combining cosy textures with minimal, clean lines to create a welcoming and relaxed haven. With a neutral colour palette, there’s also space in a Scandi interior to add your own personality, with subtle touches of colour or with the artwork and accessories you choose.

If you want to create your own Scandi bedroom, read our expert tips to get the best style.

Choose a neutral colour palette for a base

Scandi interiors tend to stick to neutral tones, for a chic and effortless feel. For your Scandi bedroom, start with a neutral colour palette of soft beige, warm mochas, terracotta and cream tones. You want to aim for a light, bright, airy room for a true Scandi style.

A Scandi bedroom doesn’t mean you have to abandon colour altogether though. You can add touches of colours throughout the room, through the artwork and ornaments you decorate with. Mustard yellows can complement Scandi bedrooms well, as can navy blues or even a dusty pink.

Incorporate wood textures

Wood is an essential feature of any Scandi style bedroom. Look for lighter shades of wood for a real Scandi feel and to maintain the light and airy feel.

There are plenty of ways to add this to your bedroom – with your bedframe, bedside cabinets, or with made-to-measure fitted wardrobes. Made-to-measure wardrobes have the added benefit of helping to create a clean and minimalistic room, as you can keep your belongings tidied away.

Play with clean lines and sculpted shapes

Scandi interiors tend to stick with clean lines. Look for classic, simple styles of furniture. Scandi leans towards minimalism, so your furniture should reflect this. Functional furniture can help you to keep your belongings organised and tidy, so you can maintain the clean lines and minimalism of Scandi styles.

However, you can also incorporate a few more sculpted shapes to add dimension to your room. Egg chairs are popular in Scandi-style interiors and can help to break up a room. You could also look for spherical light fixtures, such as a oversized paper lampshade.

Don’t forget hygge

As much as Scandi interiors embrace minimalism, they also always feature a degree of hygge. This Danish and Norwegian concept describes a sense of cosiness and comfort, and, as you’re decorating your bedroom, this should be a key characteristic.

Your bedroom should be a calm and relaxed sanctuary, so ensure you add accessories that make you feel content. Look for soft furnishings to adorn your bed, create a cosy reading nook, and place a plush rug over floorboards.

Layer textures and patterns

With a neutral colour palette and minimalist feel, you might feel as though a Scandi bedroom could feel a touch too cold and clinical. To avoid this, make sure to layer your textures and patterns. Sticking with your colour palette, look for soft and natural textures, such as clay ornaments, rattan furniture, linen bedsheets and thick knitted blankets.

As for patterns, simple geometric patterns can help to add a feature to your Scandi room. You could also add simple, abstract art pieces in your chosen colour palette. You can also use leafy green houseplants to add dimension and help to create a zen environment.

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