5 Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home

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Whilst we are all stuck inside more than ever at the moment, you might find yourself craving more of a taste of the great outdoors. The good news is there are loads of ways to embrace the beauty of nature at home, from incorporating plants into your home design to redecorating with organic and natural hues.

Bringing in natural elements can bring a calming quality to your interior scheme, so if you’re looking for ways to bring the outdoors in whilst channelling some chill vibes, we’ve got you covered...

1. Use natural materials and textures

A simple start is to embrace organic materials into your nature-inspired decor scheme, and as a bonus, these sustainable materials are eco-friendly too. 

Wood, in its many forms, is the most versatile natural material to bring into your home design. You can also try natural elements that are living, such as cotton, leather and seagrass. Accessories in hemp, jute, wicker and rattan will also complement a natural interiors scheme. It’s important to consider textures when building your design - for instance, pairing bamboo flooring and woven wicker with soft sheepskin rugs will balance your natural scheme. You can also bring in smaller accent pieces, such as stones, feathers, branches and corals to set off the look.

2. Play around with plants

One of the easiest ways to bring the outside in is by decorating your home with plants. Be it a mighty fern in the living room or shelves adorned with small potted cacti in the bedroom, plants are proven to clean the air in our homes, reduce stress levels and boost productivity. 

There are plants suitable for every room of your home, even a steamy bathroom or drafty corridor - just make sure you are selecting the right ones for your space. 

For those of us who are not necessarily green-fingered, we recommend starting with easy-to-care-for plants, such as bamboo, spider plant or aloe vera. Terrariums are a hot trend right now, and they require minimal maintenance so are a good option too.

You can also find some very convincing fake plants nowadays, and although you won’t benefit from the air purifying properties of living plants, they still look fantastic. 

3. Think about pattern and colour

Embrace the colour and motifs in nature to bring the outdoors into your home - this could mean a natural, earthy colour scheme but it doesn’t have to be muted - luscious greens and oranges are a really fun way to bring the outside in. 

For a space reminiscent of the great outdoors find textiles and accent pieces that mimic nature’s colours and patterns. For real impact try a bold leaf print wallpaper, or for a quicker wall refresh just try framing paintings or photos of tropical plants or fruits. Green, leafy motifs on cushions, curtains and soft furnishings also do a great job of bringing nature inside.

4. Cultivate a living wall

If you are really serious about bringing the great outdoors inside then a living wall is a fantastic contemporary option for your home. There are a few options if you want to translate the serenity of a garden into an indoor version. You can craft your own living wall by hanging a number of pots filled with luscious tropical plants, or purchase some green moss and bed in your favourite succulents or herbs. 

Your insta-worthy wall will bring the air purifying qualities of plants into your home and can also function as a clever dividing wall in open-plan living spaces.

5. Prioritise natural light

One of the easiest, cheapest and most beautiful natural elements is sunlight. To truly connect with the outside world, filling your home with natural light is essential. Of course, natural light is especially important if you are decorating your home with plants, but you can reap many benefits from it too. 

If your home doesn’t have a conservatory or sunroom, simply rearranging your space could help you make the most of those sunny rays. Try positioning a favourite armchair by the window to soak up the sun.

Natural light is the perfect accompaniment to an ‘outdoors in’ home - it can bring any room to life, making colours pop and making you feel healthy and inspired.

We hope you enjoy embracing the great outdoors while we are all stuck inside. Hopefully, these tips have helped you find some inspiration!

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