20 Cosy Ideas For Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom should be the cosiest room in your home - having a comforting place to rest your head when the day is through is crucial, especially at this time of year when the temperature’s dropping. Whether you’re looking to spruce up a large master bedroom or make a tiny guest room feel inviting our cosy bedroom ideas will offer some inspiration. Introducing textured, contemporary textiles and seasonal candles to your space will certainly help up the cosy vibes, but if you’re looking for budget-friendly solutions we have some easy, inexpensive options too. Have a read and get inspired!

1. Embrace a calming palette

Your bedroom should be a space of relaxation; therefore we advise steering away from bold, bright colours in your sanctuary space. Think about the simple tones they use at spas - soft greys, greens and blues have been shown to reduce stress, and as a bonus, they can make a tiny space appear larger, so they are a great choice for smaller bedrooms. If you’d like a warming atmosphere you don’t need to steer away from cosy oranges and reds together, just opt for muted versions - soft terracottas and cosy, pinky reds will achieve the same calming effect whilst providing a feeling of warmth.

2. Keep it soft

Soft furnishings will undoubtedly make your room feel cosier, but that’s not to say that you can’t have more structured items, like a retro iron bed frame in your space. It’s all about getting the balance right. If you’ve opted for starker contemporary furniture in your bedroom, introduce soft, flowing curtains and layer up throws and blankets to prep the room for the season.

3. Lighting. Is. Everything.

We often talk about the importance of lighting in your design scheme, and it’s even more crucial during the darker months. Think cosy side lamps and plenty of candles. Overhead lighting tends to be quite harsh, so you could consider installing a dimmer to help set the cosy mood. A cleverly placed string of fairy lights, or even indoor festoons can add warmth and character into an otherwise dark spot in your bedroom.

4. Think chunky knits, no... seriously chunky knits

Massive chunky knits became an interior trend a few years ago, and there’s really nothing better if you are faced with a large room that just doesn’t feel cosy. Large soft furnishings will bring a sense of intimacy to huge spaces, and super chunky blankets and throws are a great option.

5. Bring in some super plants

Yes, flowers, of course! But also think plants, foliage and contemporary arrangements of dried flowers. When you introduce natural elements into your space you are not only creating a beautiful focal point, you’re also improving the air quality in your room. Plants are proven to help aid better sleep and help you fight colds. The plants that offer the most wellbeing qualities include peace lily, aloe vera and spider plants. If you deal with allergies there are still plenty of ways you can bring nature inside, consider using vintage bottles to display dried flowers or try the easiest to care for option - succulents.

6. Layer, layer, layer

Especially important if you have a large bedroom, textiles such as blankets, throws and rugs are essential when it comes to making your space cosy. If you are redoing a guest room make sure you have a basket filled with blankets available for your guest, there’s nothing worse than feeling cold at night. Layer up sheepskin throws and soft white blankets for a luxurious way to create that cosy feeling.

7. Climb onto cloud 9

You may think a four-poster bed could seem bulky and dated in your interior scheme but think again. There are many contemporary options, one of our favourites are canopy beds draped in white voile - the epitome of warmth and comfort, whilst still feeling light and airy.

8. Hide electronics

If you can, remove electronics from your bedroom. Believe it or not, those tiny lights on plugs and electrical devices can cause havoc for your sleep. If you can’t remove them, try covering those small lights with a tiny piece of tape, or installing a cabinet to hide your bedroom TV. Light is the enemy of good sleep, so getting rid of those pesky lights will genuinely make your space more apt for sleep.

9. Mix and match prints

Beautiful quilts, wallpaper and lampshades with mix and match prints can create a supreme sense of cosiness in your bedroom; just be careful of going overboard if you have a tiny space. It’s important that the differing prints speak to each other in some way - be it using all floral patterns, or block prints of the same colour, make sure you stick to this interior rule. When done right, mix and match prints can create a cosy vintage vibe.

10. Get a headboard

Headboards come in all sorts of shapes, styles and colours, and not all beds have them. Adding any type of headboard will help bring a room together, and if it’s a soft upholstered one it will really help create that sense of cosiness. Velvet is a really popular option right now and can offer a beautiful pop of cosy colour in your bedroom. We recommend warm yet light tones to achieve that comforting vibe - think powder pink or soft mustard tones.

11. Try a Himalayan salt lamp

These super trendy lamps are an affordable cosy element that are way more than just a light source. Enthusiasts swear by their air-filtering qualities, claiming they help you breathe better at night. They also provide a muted, pink toned glow that will add gorgeous texture to your bedroom.

12. Maintain balance

Is your bedroom laid out in a way that invokes a calm, cosy vibe? A balanced aesthetic will create a calming energy in your space, so think about rearranging your furniture to embrace this element of feng-shui. Having bedside tables either side of the bed will help with this, as will an even distribution of larger furniture items around the room.

13. Get back to nature

If you’re in the mood for giving your bedroom and total cosy refresh, embrace the colours and textures of the season. Autumnal tones - golds, chestnuts and rusts will create a super soothing space. Bring out the qualities of wood and other natural textures - this palette will compliment everything from blonde timbers to rich leather. Natural textures such as linen, rattan and wicker will help add cosiness - use them liberally, and avoid large elements made from reflective metals and plastics - they will make the space seem cold and manufactured.

14. Rugs are everything

Wooden floors are a great design feature, but they can hinder the cosiness of a space. Rugs help insulate and absorb the sound in the room, so if you hear an echo when walking or talking a thick rug would really help dampen the sound and make for a more intimate space.

15. Create a nook

Do you have a weird, unused space in your room? Maybe there’s a tiny nook by a window or a confusing corner you don’t know what to do with. Well, we have an idea for you - create a cosy reading nook! Install a wooden ledge (these can double up as useful storage) and pile up the cosy pillows to create a perfect chill-out space for one. You could even enclose the area with soft curtains to create a truly private ambiance.

16. Set the mood with candles

There’s nothing cosier than a glowing candle on a cold winter's night. Large pillar candles can function as a striking design feature for your bedroom; you could also try delicate tealights for a softer ambiance. Find candle holders that fit in with your interior design -  these will prevent wax from building up on surfaces, and offer another opportunity to add an inexpensive design element to your space.

17. Create a home cinema

This is a fun idea, and is especially great for kids rooms. If you have a blank wall in your bedroom, why not purchase an inexpensive projector and turn it into a pop up cinema? Projectors come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and price ranges nowadays, so it doesn’t have to be costly to set up the ultimate home cinema experience and enjoy all the cosy winter classics in bed.

18. Don’t forget about bedding

There's no two ways about it, the quality of your bedding will make a huge difference to the cosiness of your bedroom. 100% cotton sheets are the most popular option because they feel natural and soft, but for real luxury try premium cotton, like pima or Egyptian. These are softer and more durable, and therefore more expensive, but we think they are worth the investment. Bedding with natural warming properties like goose or wool are great options that will keep you cosy through to Spring.

19. Warm up your window treatments

Windows, particularly single glazed, are culpable for letting in drafts and interfering with that cosy vibe we want to create. Window shutters are a stylish option that will do a great job of keeping the heat in, and drafts out. Team them with heavy curtains for a truly contemporary and luxurious look.

20. Try an electric blanket

Ok, hear us out - electric blankets are not just a retro treat for the older generation. Turn it on 15 minutes before you get into bed for an upgraded hot water bottle feeling. They are very energy efficient and will save on heating bills.

There you go - 20 ideas to help create that super cosy feel in your bedroom this autumn. Snuggle up and enjoy!

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