14 Christmas Home Decor Ideas

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Christmas is just around the corner, so now’s the time to get the decorations up and fill your home with that festive feeling. Whether you keep things traditional or lean into glitter and glitz, we hope you find some inspiration in our list of 14 show-stopping Christmas decor ideas.

1. Spruce up your staircase

Add a garland to your bannister and hang up Christmas cards from family and friends. Fairy lights woven up your stairs can create a soft warming glow and keep the festive vibe going up to the next floor of your home.

2. Bring the outdoors in

If your home suits a rustic aesthetic, then bring the outdoors in this winter with a natural holiday look. You don’t need to ditch the baubles, but try interspersing them with pine cones, twigs and bark-like textures for a contemporary and welcoming look. Soft-fur accents and fresh greenery compliment this trendy Scandi style.

3. Start with the front door

Up your curbside appeal with a decorated front door; try a pine cone garland and candle lanterns to create a welcoming first impression or consider some mini (on-trend) Christmas trees to sit either side of your door. A contemporary wire wreath with silver accents will bring contemporary glam to your home.

contemporary christmas wreath

4. DIY candles

Head to the garden or forage locally for sprigs of pine. Place them in skinny-necked, water-filled bottles and top with tall candles for an on-trend and classy arrangement. Use to decorate your Christmas table or place on your mantelpiece.

5. Don’t forget the kitchen

Christmas decorations shouldn’t be relegated to the living room. Deck out your kitchen with garlands and adorn your cupboard doors with wreaths. You can even swap out your dishware with festive bowls and plates to really fill the place with Christmas spirit.

6. Mini Christmas trees

Mini trees made an appearance last year and are set to be everywhere this Christmas. Ideal for a smaller flat or to bring a festive feel to every room of your home, these little trees can be replanted come the new year so offer an eco-friendly option for your decor scheme.

mini christmas tree

7. Don’t rule out artificial trees

You can find excellent, high-quality artificial Christmas trees these days, so embrace them if you hate the mess of a traditional tree. Many artificial trees are designed to better hold ornaments and baubles with their wire branches too. If you crave that pine scent though, a few scented candles should do the job!

8. Use citrus

Citrus decoration is on trend this year and has the added bonus of making your home smell great. Make your own dried slices by baking low in the oven for a few hours, then string them up with cranberries or greenery for a natural, contemporary look, or add them to a wreath for a pop of colour.

citrus christmas wreath

9. Refashion vintage baubles

Look in second-hand shops for retro ornaments and baubles and give them a new lease of life this Christmas. Start with a basic Styrofoam wreath and cover in a festive ribbon to hide the base. Attach your vintage finds one by one, starting with the larger baubles and then adding the smaller decorations in the gaps for a truly unique item.

10. Play with colour

Reject tradition with bold, bright colours such as pink and metallic gold and silver. Embrace a festive refresh and introduce some brighter baubles, small colourful wire trees or pom-pom garlands, or go all out with a pink Christmas tree!

11. Shutter and window decor

Don’t forget your shutters when decorating this year. Decorating your shutters and windows has the benefit of making your home look fantastic inside and out, so it’s worth giving them some attention in your decorating efforts. Hang a wreath on your shutters or dress with garlands to bring them into your Christmas aesthetic, or try a large wreath of the outside of your window that will bring Christmas cheer to passers-by. Giant windows look amazing with large leafy garlands draped over them or get the kids involved in covering windows in delicate snowflake transfers.

christmas shutter

12. Layer, Layer, Layer

Build a stunning mantel display but starting with large hanging snowflakes, and then hanging a large rustic garland. Dress with tall candlesticks and then add the finishing touches - ornaments and bottlebrush trees on the mantel will complete the look.

13. Bring cheer into your bedroom

Keep the festive spirit flowing into every room in your home by wrapping a garland around your headboard and swapping out pillows for festive alternatives. A small homage to a Christmas tree can work well in bedrooms - try gathering sticks in a vase and hanging them with delicate baubles for a modern finish.

14. Bulk buy candy canes

These pretty sweets are a great addition to your Christmas decor. Keep them out of kids and pets reach by hanging them along the top of your window or shutters. Use red or white ribbon to compliment the arrangement.

We hope you find some inspiration in these on-trend ideas and enjoy getting your home ready for the festive season!

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