5 interior tips to help you work from home

May 12, 2020 | Home Decor Tips

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are now in lockdown, wondering how to make sense of our new normal. Working from home presents us with many challenges, especially alongside all the other added pressures we are currently facing. 

Making your home work hard for you and your family is crucial right now – designating space and creating a distinction between work and play will help you juggle the demands of home life and work life.

It pays to have a designated spot in the home that’s dedicated to your work. If you have a spare room, of course, this is the perfect option, however, you can still make a functional and inspiring workspace in practically any space in your home. Clever storage, natural lighting and inspiring decor can help transform almost any corner into a practical office. 

Here’s how to adapt to the WFH lifestyle.

Intentionally set out your space

Although you might be tempted to work from your bed, you will undoubtedly be more productive by maintaining those boundaries and working in a designated space. Consider what you need in a space to be truly productive – a good desk, nice lighting and relative quiet might be top of your list, or maybe you work better at a standing desk. Whatever it might be, begin by planning out what is important to you. 

If you don’t have the luxury of a spare room, you can still set out your workspace with some clever design. Adaptable storage solutions that double up as workstations can work wonders in smaller living spaces. Take a look at some of our new home office designs to see what could work in your home: www.kingswoodathome.co.uk/wardrobes/home-office/

Bring in some plants

There are countless studies that tell us how important plants are in our houses, such as the 1989 NASA report that proved that certain indoor plants help clean the air in our homes. Introducing plants to your space is a great idea right now, as we are spending less time outside and could all benefit from the healing properties of a little nature in the home. 

Plants are also proven to reduce our stress levels, boost your mental health and boost productivity – really what’s not to like?

If you don’t have green fingers try out some easy succulents or cacti, which require little attention, or you could even consider fake plants – there are some fantastic options out there. 

Think about colour

Refreshing or creating your home office space isn’t just about buying furniture – you can really liven up a space with a few accent accessories, and incorporating colour will help boost your productivity and motivation. 

See this as an opportunity – do you usually work from a sterile office block that doesn’t offer anything in the way of inspiration? Now is the time to figure out what your needs are, and work out what will make you feel as productive and inspired as possible.

Be it minimalism or vivid colour – this space is uniquely yours so make it what works for you. Consider ways to bring your personality into the space – refashion vintage tins into pencils holders, or introduce colourful vases of flowers to bring your personality into the space.

Let the light in

Natural light is proven to keep you alert and your mood lifted.

If at all possible, try and position your desk next to or near a window. Light is crucial to healthy working practice – you’ll familiarise yourself with your natural rhythms and circadian cycle, allowing you to take breaks that your body needs and call it quits at a reasonable hour. 

You’ll also have the added benefit of a view, and if you’re lucky to look out onto your garden you’ll reap the creative benefits of seeing nature whilst you’re working. Good air quality is really important when you’re stuck indoors for long stretches at a time too, so open up the window and enjoy some fresh air whilst you take in the view. Take a look at our website to see our range of versatile window shutters that are perfect for managing sunlight in your home office.

Think about all your senses

Aromatherapy can play an important part in creating a happy and productive working environment, so why not light some candles or burn some essential oils? There are many benefits including reducing stress and anxiety, boosting energy and performance, and strengthening the immune system. A scented candle or a diffuser can all help bring a stimulating aroma to your room.

We hope these interior tips will help you create a beautiful and productive space to work from, and if you need a home office upgrade then get in touch with us on 0800 470 1112 or email [email protected]