15 Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms can send even the most seasoned homeowners into despair. Juggling the needs of the space whilst trying to neatly store your items can feel like an impossible task – you need to make space for storage, but anything you do makes the room feel cramped, busy and even smaller

Luckily, there is a myriad of inspired options that can help your small bedroom work hard for you, all you need is a little creative thinking.

Our comprehensive guide to small bedroom storage covers everything from DIY projects you can try this weekend, to some of Kingswood at Home’s finest innovations. So whether you’re on a budget, on the move or on your last legs – we are here to help!

Use the bed wisely

Beds undoubtedly take up the most space in small bedrooms, so this is a logical place to start. Thankfully there are countless ways to take advantage of all that dead space around your bed, from affordable under bed baskets or vacuum bags to bed designs with integrated storage. Store bulky items like bedding, pillows and duvets beneath the bed, out of sight and out the way.

Double up

For the most efficient use of space, look for bedroom furniture that serves a number of different purposes. For instance, investing in a desk that also functions as a bedside table will save you space and money as you only have to buy one piece! 

Ditch your laundry basket

Laundry baskets and hampers take up precious real estate in small bedrooms, so why not try elevating it from the floor to free up some space? Replace your bulky basket with a laundry bag that can neatly hang on the back of your door or inside your wardrobe. 

Try a wall-mounted desk

Having a dedicated space for working is crucial for your productivity, so if you also need your small bedroom to function as an office space then floating desks are a great option. You can find options that fit in unused corners, and others that fold up and out of the way for when you are not working. Check out our Home Office range for some great desks that compliment your bedroom even if space is limited.

Think up!

No space is more unused than the 12 inches of wall below your ceiling, so why not put that space to work by installing shelves along the perimeter? This can add loads of extra space for books and will draw the eye up, giving the illusion of extra height in the room.

Put the kettle on

Pull out tea trays are a standard on all of our bedside units. These sturdy, slide-out trays instantly provide you with extra space for your morning cuppa or nighttime cocoa. When you’re done, just slide the tray back in for the ultimate space-saving invention. 

Get crafty with a pegboard organiser

Pegboards are a fantastically versatile option in interior design, and they work especially well in small spaces. With a little paint and a few screws, you can hang pegboards anywhere to store just about anything. Customise your board with baskets, rods, and hooks.

Fitted wardrobes

The smartest move you can make in your small bedroom is to invest in customised, fitted wardrobes that efficiently use every nook and cranny in a practical way. At Kingswood at Home, we know that bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes – often with distinguishing features, so we work with the room’s features to realise its true potential. Find out more here.

Hack your shelves

If you are the creative type, then why not try repurposing simple wooden storage boxes or dresser drawers to create unique wall storage? Mount the drawers onto the wall to create the perfect storage for books, vases and décor. This open shelving not only looks great and saves space, but it’s also an affordable option if your budget is tight.

Add risers to your bed

If you don’t have storage space beneath your bed, fear not – you can achieve it by putting your bed on risers. These hoof-like pieces will lift your bed up giving you more hidden storage space, and some even have power outlets installed so you can charge your phone or laptop without reams of cables running across your bedroom. 

Try a slide-out shoe rack

Shoes are one of the most onerous items to store. Luckily, our soft-close slide out shoe racks make storing and accessing your footwear a breeze. Integrating seamlessly into our fitted wardrobe designs, our shoe racks will mean you’ll never trip over those piles of shoes at the door again.

Rethink what belongs in the bedroom

You might be struggling for storage space because you are simply trying to store too much in your small bedroom. A seasonal clothes audit is helpful for clearing space throughout the year – there’s no point using up valuable real estate on bulky jumpers in the middle of July. 

Use floating shelves as a bedside table

If your bed is squeezed into your bedroom with barely an inch either side, then you may think you don’t have room for a bedside table. Well, think again. Why not turn some floating shelves into bedside storage? This is a really affordable and easy DIY project, just use reclaimed wooden planks and find some stylish shelf brackets. 

Sliding doors

Standard door designs need plenty of room to open and close (something small bedrooms are obviously lacking) so sliding doors can be a space-saving blessing in smaller bedrooms. Versatile and elegantly simple, our sliding door wardrobes are built to the highest standards from the top quality finish to the smooth running of the sliding doors and the clever soft-close mechanisms. A must for small bedrooms, especially when fitted with mirrored doors to give the illusion of more space.

Don’t forget out of sight spaces

A closed drawer is an invitation to clutter. To avoid cramming drawers full to bursting set up an organising system that sorts items by type. Vintage dishes and trays can act as simple drawer dividers to keep beauty products and jewellery organised.

Remember, there are so many smart storage solutions out there for your small bedroom, it’s all about creative thinking and ingenious designs. If you’d like the help of our expert team here at Kingswood at Home, just get in touch.