Kingswood At Home Guide to Interior Design Trends for 2021

Jul 6, 2021 | Interior Design

Home interior has always been an interest to any homeowner, but the pandemic has created an understanding for everyone that the home is the most important place. Lockdown forced us to spend much more time at home, and interior projects have been a trend over 2020/2021. To make your house a home you may need to undertake a variety of tasks; personalisation of the home, creating the right ambiance, and getting the balance of personal taste and interior trends to make your space more homely.

Kingswood At Home knows how important it is to have the home presentable whilst enjoying the decorating process. The guide below outlines the home interior design trends for 2021 to make your home look beautiful this year.

Home Interior Design Trends 2021

Gorgeous Greens

tranquil dawn
Green has been making its way back to the centre of interior design for the last few years. The trend for becoming more climate focused has brought back beautiful shades of greens to homes. Sage green is a popular choice for kitchens and living areas alike, the calming colour creates a relaxing and homely atmosphere in every home. Kingswood At Home creates made to measure shutters and blinds for all spaces, get in touch with us today to find out how we can complement your glorious green palette.

Eco-Friendly Design

roller blinds

As mentioned above, the focus on our climate and global warming over the last few years has made people re-evaluate their use of items within the home. Kingswood At Home is more eco-friendly focused than ever before and see this becoming a huge trend within the home this year and in the future. We believe in creating an eco-friendly world, that is why all of our products are custom-made to our clients needs.

Maximalist Designs

Maximalist interior designs is a beautiful and bold way to present your home. Adding bold colours and busy designs adds a cosy atmosphere to the home. Kingswood at Home understands how important it is to have a cosy-feel to your bedroom, all of our wardrobes are custom-made to our clients needs. We can create the perfect wardrobe for any bedroom, including those who follow the maximalist interior design trend for 2021.

solid shutters

Bold Palettes

Following the maximalist design, bold palettes are making a lot of noise within the interior design industry in 2021. Adding bold colours to your home radiates your own personality and personal choice within your home. Personalisation of a house will turn it into a home, so adding your favourite splashes of bold colours around the home is a play with personalisation. Kingswood At Home creates made to measure shutters for all homes, including those that want to bring a pop of colour to any room.

Cottage Interior Designs

Cottage interiors have always been a popular interior design for those with cottages and country homes. However, in 2021, cottage interior designs are being seen in all different types of homes, from holiday homes to townhouses. Cottage interior designs bring a cosy atmosphere to any home, no matter the exterior or structure. Kingswood At Home loves the cottage interior trend for 2021 and can supply and install wood flooring to add a cottage feel to any home.

Contemporary Designs

blue shutters

The interior design trends for 2021 would not be the same if they didn’t have our much-loved contemporary interiors. Contemporary and minimalistic interior designs have been on every interior trend list over the last 10 years, and this is because these designs really do create a tidy, beautiful space to live in. Kingswood At Home loves contemporary designs as much as the next interior fanatic, find out more about our made to measure blinds for minimalistic homes today.

Sea Views

The last entry on our list for home interior trends for 2021 is ‘sea views’. Introducing beautiful subtle blues to the home creates a seaside atmosphere, which can list anyone’s spirits on even the dullest of days. Add an ocean-like colour scheme to your interior opens up your space and creates a relaxation like no other’


Kingswood At Home is here to help you with all your shutters, blinds, wardrobes, and flooring interior needs. We love interior trends and are knowledgeable on all of the latest home trends, as well as being experts within our industry. Contact us today to find out how we can help you this 2021.